Our Customers Say it Best

Adlumin Five Stars
“Adlumin offers competitve security services that are cost effective compared to its peers.”

-Kiwi J.

Adlumin Five Stars
“We barely used our old SIEM due to difficulty getting usable information and the price kept growing. With Adlumin I can jump in and see what I need in minutes.”
-Administrator in Construction
Adlumin Five Stars

“Adlumin staff is so helpful in any situation, their response time is great and their team is very friendly. Software is easy to use and intuitive.”

-Administrator in Computer & Network Security
Adlumin Five Stars
“Adlumin provides logging, alerting, SOAR, and investigative capabilities in a user-friendly platform. The company is attentive to customer requests and uses industry trends, observations, and customer feedback to focus on product development.”


Adlumin Five Stars
“Adlumin was easy to deploy and provided valuable insights to our small team. Adlumin has an exceptional level of expertise, and their customer service is FANTASTIC! We were also early to deploy their Total Ransomware Defense service, and it has allowed us to rest a little easier at the end of the day knowing we have a solution explicitly targeted at ransomware. “
-Jill B.
Adlumin Five Stars

“Once you install agents and/ or configure cloud connectors, Adlumin can start ingesting the data and alerting with predefined alerts AND the option to build your own alerts for criteria that is important to you and your organization.

Originally, Adlumin was “just our SIEM” over time, they have become so much more. From our SOAR, Darknet monitoring, Compliance reporting, and much more. Each solution Adlumin offers aligns with what our industry requires, which is critical as some solutions invest in solutions that do not provide value and neglect their core features.”

-Austin H.

Zane Archer Testimonial Headshot
– Zane Archer, Systems Manager at Kelly Community

“We were looking to update our SIEM product but could not justify the cost for a new solution until we found Adlumin. This platform was much easier to deploy than anticipated.”

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Adlumin sheds light on advanced cyber threats and reduces your business risk. Learn more about Adlumin and the team behind the platform, then sign up for a demo.

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