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How Adlumin’s Progressive Penetration Testing Helped a Financial Institution Immediately Identify Vulnerabilities


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  • Deployed Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform to streamline data ingestion, analysis, and compliance workflows throughout its enterprise in a central location.
  • Implemented Adlumin’s Progressive Penetration Testing to continuously scan and context-score, allowing the financial institution to allocate resources efficiently and focus on securing critical aspects of its environment.
  • Successfully performed four penetration tests over a span of one year, capturing three credentials, including the domain administrator and the SQL administrator, within 30 minutes.
  • Adlumin’s Continuous Vulnerability Management automates remediation and prioritization of the financial institution’s vulnerabilities with context using real-time threat intelligence.

In Search of an Empowering Cybersecurity Solution

A financial institution was searching for a cybersecurity solution to identify and prioritize any existing security weaknesses within its system. Their goal was to safeguard their sensitive data and prevent any potential breaches. Turning to Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform, they hoped to expose and address their most critical security vulnerabilities.

Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform empowers the financial institution to take control of their security and compliance. The platform uncovers hidden cyber threats, system vulnerabilities, and IT operations by streamlining data analysis and compliance workflows. This enables the institution to respond effectively and ensure compliance with regulations.

Identified Vulnerabilities Within 30 Minutes

The financial institution faced a complex cybersecurity landscape, with multiple branches and remote management. With their IT Director overseeing a vast network of 450 endpoints, the need for a comprehensive solution was critical. In addition to the platform, they implemented Adlumin’s Progressive Penetration Testing to solve their security holes.

Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team successfully performed four penetration tests over the last year. In the first test, the team captured three credentials, including the domain administrator and the SQL administrator, in the first 30 minutes. This effectively highlights the financial institution’s vulnerabilities, prompting immediate action and remediation by its IT department, ensuring that security is reinforced.

Adlumin’s Progressive Penetration Testing provided tangible value to the financial institution by identifying and resolving the most pressing security gaps before they could be exploited. These gaps leave organizations open to unnecessary risks, so it’s important to have a solution in place to resolve them quickly.

An Extended Security Team and Partnership

The financial institution was looking for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that could provide accurate and actionable information to strengthen its network security. Unlike previous options, which often provided informational but non-exploitable vulnerabilities, Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform offered the necessary precision. The availability of the MDR team behind the tool provides additonal support through chat and scheduled meetings.

Adlumin highlights vulnerabilities and provides guidance on how to address them, saving them time on research. For example, Adlumin’s Continuous Vulnerability Management solution automatically detects the financial institution’s vulnerabilities and critical misconfigurations based on the financial industry’s range of devices, operating systems, and applications. They emphasize that it cuts down the task of securing their network because they’re starting at the critical, most impactful vulnerabilities.

The financial institution has also benefited from additional features like external pen testing, and unlike other tools, Adlumin’s MDR team provides excellent support and works closely with the financial institution to address its specific needs.

Maximizing Security Efficiency

To make the most of their time and efforts, the financial institution valued Adlumin’s context scoring system, prioritizing vulnerabilities based on their critical impact. This helped them allocate their limited resources efficiently and focus on securing the most crucial aspects of their environment. Additionally, continuously running scans and penetration tests was important as security is ongoing.

The financial institution recognized the importance of distinguishing between potential vulnerabilities and actual threats, as a critical misconfiguration that led to a compromised system was far more concerning than a hypothetical weakness. Security is a journey, not a destination, and Adlumin provided the financial institution with accuracy, support, and continuous protection, maintaining their strong security posture.

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