Cybersecurity for Finance

Get full-blown visibility with Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform

  • Visibility across your environment
  • Protect core banking systems
  • Simplify compliance reporting
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Why Financial Institutions Choose Adlumin

Why Financial Institutions Choose Adlumin

Enhanced Visibility

Pull in data across your entire environment, including network traffic, endpoints, cloud applications, web servers, VPNs, firewalls and more. You get a centralized view of your security, including automated response action.

Compliance Reporting

Ensure adherence to regulatory mandates by quickly accessing comprehensive reports, including FFIEC and PCI-DSS documentation that efficiently meets auditor requests and regulatory compliance.

Advanced Protection

Machine-based learning protects against unusual behavior across your network and core banking systems, using our patented capability. Automated response playbooks stop cyber threats, including ransomware, before they cause disruption.


Get the capabilities and power of an enterprise-grade Security Operations Center (SOC) without the cost of building one. Adlumin is tailored to each bank’s unique size and budget, providing security without compromise.

Trends, Vulnerabilities, and Impacts

Adlumin Threat Insights: Financial Edition

Adlumin Threat Insights: Financial Edition provides an in-depth look at the financial industry’s top threats and recommended strategies to protect your organization. Insights come from trends and vulnerabilities the Adlumin Threat Research Team is seeing firsthand with customers.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“The menu of services they [Adlumin] perform that protect our system is impressive. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate. Any banker looking to upgrade their cyber protection should look at Adlumin. You’ll be impressed.”

Shawn DavisBoard Member, CNB Bank & Trust

“The cyber expertise of the people [at Adlumin] is very impressive. I think the innovativeness of the platform, the vision cast of where the product is going, and the roadmaps that they shared with us, was critical in our selection of Adlumin.”

Jill BurkeenInformation Security Officer, United Southern Bank of Kentucky

“Our previous SIEM was very difficult to handle. It was an on-prem appliance that required constant attention, and it was not easy to use. We had constant support calls to get it functioning like it should be. It was not nearly as robust [as Adlumin’s MDR platform].”

Joshua FidlerInformation Technology Officer, United Southern Bank of Kentucky

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Adlumin

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Adlumin

Consolidate your security operations tasks onto one platform that gives you speed, visibility, & context to defend your network.

Adlumin Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Adlumin XDR SaaS product streamlines data ingestion, analysis, and compliance workflows throughout your enterprise—illuminating unseen cyber threats, system vulnerabilities, and IT operations, so your path to response and compliance becomes clear.

Adlumin Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Adlumin MDR provides the capabilities and power of an enterprise-grade SOC without the cost of building one. You get the benefit of seeing why an alert was closed, access to your investigation data, and reporting and threat intelligence in a click.

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