Better Fortifying Financial Services

Defending and eliminating a constant stream of attacks

While financial institutions are no stranger to fraud and others forms of cybercrime and heavy industry regulation, the threat landscape is constantly changing, regulators adjust compliance rules and regulations in response to emerging threats. Sophisticated cybercriminals and state-sponsored adversaries know financial services firms are more familiar with cyber defenses, the allure of monetary gain, access to hyper-sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) and financial records is too lucrative for these adversaries to pass up.

Adlumin illuminates the threats against financial services that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed. Our cloud-native platform identifies threats, remediates rules and systems automatically and provides continuous compliance reporting every financial institution needs.

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With Adlumin, Financial Services Can:

  • Generate and download federal compliance reports with our one-touch compliance reporting.
  • Defend customer PII from account takeover and credential stuffing.
  • Use a platform designed by financial institutions for financial institutions.

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Securing the Financial Industry from Cyber Attacks: A View from the Frontline

Financial services and institutions face some of the most serious and sophisticated cyberattacks, with data security being a prime target. Something as minor as a security breach at a banking location can have ripple effect consequences on an entire region of the world. In 2020, $4.2B was siphoned off by cybercriminals, according to the FBI.

Adlumin’s Threat Research provides an in-depth look at the financial industry’s top threats and recommended strategies to protect your organization.

Enables You To:

  • Have access to 24×7 Security Operations Center.
  • Explicitly look for and determine insider threats, account takeovers, and privilege abuse or misuse.
  • Analyze and prioritize anomalous behavior.
—Jill B., Information Security Officer at United Southern Bank of Hopkinsville Kentucky

“The cyber expertise of the people [at Adlumin] is very impressive. I think the innovativeness of the platform, the vision cast of where the product is going, and the roadmaps that they shared with us, was critical in our selection of Adlumin.”