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A different kind of
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Adlumin brings technology and talent to be there to help modern organizations comply, detect, prioritize, and respond to cyber threats and IT operations in real-time. Because nobody wants to get caught in the dark.

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New cracks and zero-day exploits form on a minute-by-minute basis across the enterprise—and at an exponential rate every time an endpoint, Operating System, or application receives updates.

Adlumin was founded to combat this, with a platform that continually finds the newest cracks being exploited and shines a light on correcting the issue, at the correct time, in real-time. Coupled with a staff of unparalleled experts to guide your way, Adlumin is there with you every step of the way.

Our vision

The All-Seeing Eye

Adlumin’s vision is to revolutionize the way organizations secure sensitive data. Our patented, managed security services platform provides real-time visibility and analysis using machine learning and industry expertise from the world’s finest investigators and the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Adlumin’s platform improves overall network health and efficiencies of cyber resources as they work to protect critical data. The platform also provides real-time insight into compliance violations and deficiencies through proprietary technologies and background automation. No human intervention or analysis is required to understand internal and/or external threats.


The Makings of Adlumin

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Join our team

Adlumin employees are passionate about using their expertise and skills to bring light to our customers’ security needs. We stand behind our goal of creating a safer environment for our customers through innovative cybersecurity products and partnerships.

Our leadership team is committed to empowering Adlumin and our employees. Discover the minds behind Adlumin.

Proud to support companies making a difference.

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About the name

“Let there be light”

The Latin root words for Adlumin mean to “add light.” The founding principle of the company is to improve our customer’s visibility of every user, service, and application account, endpoint and device activity on that customer’s network.

But, enough about us. Where can we let light into your security posture?

Upcoming Events

Adlumin hosts and participates in a number of in-person and virtual events and conferences throughout the year. During these events, we strive to teach organizations and individuals how Adlumin can help you command your IT security.

Our Newsroom

We prides ourselves on making waves in the cybersecurity world. Our newsroom hosts the latest press releases and news about the Adlumin platform and other company announcements.