Illuminating Cybersecurity
Operations in Education

Protecting education against cyber attacks.

Public and private K-12 institutions, college and universities rely on Adlumin to detect and contain threats before they disrupt classrooms and academic programs, steal student and financial data, abscond with research data and intellectual property, and divert finite funds from learning services to expensive cyber incident clean-ups and recoveries. What’s more, attacks on colleges and universities often affect the institutions ability to solicit funding, endowments or donations from alumni or loyal philanthropists.

Adlumin’s platform provides educational tech leaders and organizations with the means to have an active SOC, focused on reporting benefits, including quick and effective response, decreased costs of breaches and operations, active threat prevention, improved communication and coordination with 24×7 availability of security expertise.

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With Adlumin, Education Tech Enterprises Can:

  • Defend academic research and student PII from account takeover and credential stuffing.
  • Generate and download federal compliance reports with our one-touch compliance reporting.
  • Automate and adapt controls and responses for any workflow across educational organizations.

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Trends, Vulnerabilities, and Impacts

Schools Face Increasing Risk of Ransomware Attacks 

Education tech leaders face complex cyber threats, with over 80% of enterprise malware targeting the education sector, as reported by Microsoft. Cyber attacks like data breaches and ransomware can lead to financial loss and exposure of student and faculty information. Additionally, higher education must secure research data and budgets while meeting compliance standards for sponsored research.

Adlumin’s Threat Research team offers vital insights to protect your educational institution.

6700 ransomware victims in Iowa's largest school district

Enables You To:

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into your network.
  • Generate compliance reports in an instant, or schedule them for when you need them.
  • Explicitly look for and determine insider threats, account takeovers, and privilege abuse or misuse.
  • Extend defensive capabilities beyond firewalls and security devices.

Eliminate Threats & Command Authority

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