Adlumin Pricing

Simple. Predictable. Scalable.

A Pricing Plan that Works for You

You decide if you want to manage our MDR platform yourself, through a trusted Partner, or Adlumin’s 24×7 Security Operations team.

Adlumin MDR Platform

Adlumin’s MDR Platform gives you visibility across your on-prem and cloud environments, writes detections unique to your environment, and automates response and remediation. Plus, you’ll get one-touch compliance reporting, darknet exposure monitoring, and threat hunting.

Annual Pricing
Prices start as low as $41/Device

Adlumin MDR Platform and 24x7 Coverage

If your team’s stretched thin or you’re in the process of building it out. Our 24×7 service provides you with all the benefits of the Adlumin MDR Platform plus round-the-clock monitoring, response, and compliance from our Security Operations Center. We’ll work by your side and help you along in your security journey.

Annual Pricing
Prices start as low as $93/Device

Get Your Personalized Quote Today

Finding the right MDR mix can be a challenge when you are not sure what to look for. Our experts understand pain points specific to your industry, and can help advise on what mix will best fit your organization. Connect with one of our pricing experts to get a custom MDR Pricing Package today.

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Straight forward pricing that easily grows with your business

One Package
  • Our all-in-one platform provides advanced capabilities without extra cost.
No Data Limits. Ever.
  • We don’t place limits on data collection. The more data we collect and store on your behalf, the better we are at bolstering your security posture.
Add devices as you grow
  • Pricing is based on the number of devices that we ingest.