Adlumin for Honeypots

Dip into expanding your defenses with deception technology

Lure cybercriminals away from your key assets and detect attacks before they cause disruption. You can reduce risk while gathering intelligence on attacker tactics and techniques.

Total Ransomware Defense-Multi layer protection

Catch Cybercriminals

Keep critical assets safe

Ransomware is rising, and cyber threats span all industries and company sizes. Deception tools, like honeypots, add a layer of defense to protect your critical assets. Honeypots are designed to draw attackers to a decoy system and provide you with intelligence to strengthen your security.  

How does Adlumin provide honeypot support?

Honeypots are included in Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform. When an attacker successfully engages with the honeypot, you receive an alert with the details of the attacker’s activity. You can track attempted file transfers, remote access, malware deployed, and ransomware.

Total Ransomware Defense-Resiliency Level

Adlumin Honeypot Benefits

Early Warning of an Active Threat

Detect attacks before they reach critical systems, enabling you to respond quickly to minimize damage.

Improve Security Defenses

Gain insights into attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to identify vulnerabilities and improve detections.

Protect Key Assets

Lure attackers away from your sensitive data and core systems by focusing their efforts on decoy assets.

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- David Clark, Director of IT

“It definitely meets expectations and, in many ways, exceeds those expectations. I think the one thing that I appreciate is that Adlumin is constantly upgrading the system.”