Cyber Threat Intelligence

Bring light and insight to your security program

Security is a team effort within an organization and across the industry. That’s why the Adlumin platform includes collective insight through crowdsourced threat intelligence.

adlumin treat intelligence

Side by side, on the inside and on the outside.

Every security organization has a unique perspective. But no single organization has the full picture. Collective threat intelligence is necessary to provide for a collective security response, but threat intelligence feeds can be a firehose of information or they can be costly.

How does Adlumin enable threat intelligence?

Adlumin includes the best crowd sourced threat intelligence information from industry feeds and our own Threat Research Team to provide millions of indicators of compromise (IOCs) and other threat context data to the platform. These are cross-referenced against telemetry data from your environment to enable robust threat intelligence view of your security posture.


Adlumin Threat Intelligence Benefits

Discover Hidden

IOCs and other data are continually crosschecked against your live data, so you know immediately if your environments are implicated.

Global and Analyst-Led Intelligence

Adlumin ingests intelligence from over 100,000 participants in 140 countries, giving you a global view of threats. Plus, our Threat Research Team leverages insights across our customer base to bring a unique analyst perspective based on your data.

One-Touch Compliance Reporting

Generate threat intelligence reports about Intrusion Sets to access resources and learn more about their Tactics, Techniques, Procedures (TTPs), and associated indicators.

Adlumin Threat Intelligence Features

ATIP Shield

Adlumin curated IP-blocklist, which can be automatically imported to many network service devices or manually applied wherever IP filters are available. Use ATIP Shield to prevent connections to known malicious infrastructure.

IP Enrichment

Use Adlumin as your one-stop portal for research into MDR events by leveraging its’ built-in IP Address indicator search. Search across WHOIS data, Geolocation, and Threat Intelligence with one click.

Threat Actor Reporting

Adlumin offers one-step reporting for exposing our collected information on intrusion sets, associated reporting, and IP and Domain indicators.

User-Friendly and Focused Interface

Adlumin’s threat intelligence feed was designed to take a broad view of global information and is focused on proactive, easy use. Security teams can also share back anonymized threat intelligence back to the community.

Collects and Correlates Multiple Sources

Automated collection from over a dozen sources builds relationships between tracked entities, reporting, and indicators of compromise in real-time, allowing for intelligence across the cyber battlefield.

Standards-Based Collection

Adlumin uses the Industry Standard STIX and TAXII protocols to collect, store, and analyze shared data from clear-net and deep web sources, ensuring that all collected intelligence is sourced and tracked.

— Jill Burkeen, Information Security Officer

“The cyber expertise of the people in the company is very impressive. I think the innovativeness of the platform, the vision cast of where the product was going, and the roadmaps that they shared with us, were critical in our selection of Adlumin.”

It’s Included Out-Of-The-Box

Get SOC threat intelligence, along with these other solutions:

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