Cybersecurity Compliance Support

One-touch compliance
reporting and monitoring

With all of your security and operational data in Adlumin, you have instant access to ensure or prove compliance against any standard or custom requirement.

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Light up issues.
Shut down problems. Prove compliance.

Shifting regulations and standards, like PCI DSS, NIST, FFIEC CAT, NCUA ACET, HIPAA and others are becoming more than just checkbox or paperwork exercises. More and more, security and risk teams are being asked to use data-driven processes to improve cyber risk maturity or show regulatory compliance.

How does Adlumin provide data-driven compliance support?

As your security program’s command center, Adlumin’s reporting module gives you one-touch compliance reporting that’s based on live, accurate, and contextualized data. Instantly know where misconfigurations or deviations from policy threaten your compliance and security posture.

Compliance Insights

Adlumin Compliance Support Benefits

Live Environmental Data

Use the same enterprise data and instrumentation that protects your enterprise to support your compliance program.

Instant Variance Alerts

Maintain alignment and avoid compliance drift with alerts or scheduled point-in-time reporting sent directly to your inbox.

Provable Compliance

 Get ahead of your risk team and auditor requests by scheduling regular audit compliance reports proactively.
So you can focus on security, not compliance.

Adlumin Compliance Reporting Features

Financially Trusted and Technically Sound
Flexible Standards Library
Satisfied Auditors
Financially Trusted and Technically Sound
Compliance Support-Financially Trusted Technically Sound

Adlumin’s compliance reporting was formed in the crucible of the financial services industry and to satisfy the meticulous audience of financial risk authorities. That’s why it’s trusted by some of the most discerning enterprises.

Flexible Standards Library
Compliance Support-Flexible Standards Library

With a growing library, from the most widely accepted to specialty standards and custom policy configurations, Adlumin allows you to quickly check your security maturity against emerging and evolving requirements. 

Satisfied Auditors
Compliance Support-Satisfied Auditors

Most importantly for compliance, give your auditors what they need to be assured of your compliance. With live data and traceable provenance, you can schedule reports to dispatch at regular intervals and get ahead of auditor questions.

Zane Archer Testimonial Headshot
- Zane A., Systems Manager at Kelly Community Federal Credit Union

“We were looking to update our SIEM product but could not justify the cost for a new solution until we found Adlumin. This platform was much easier to deploy than anticipated.”