Cyber Brilliance:
A Smart Defense for Law Firms

The rise and evolution of ransomware makes law firms a prime target. A wealth of confidential and proprietary information is contained within this industry, which could be damaging if exposed.

Adlumin applies machine learning to identify threats seamlessly across endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. Our automated response actions keep law firms secure by halting potential risks.

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Adlumin for Legal Sector

Protect Against Ransomware

Adlumin uses machine learning to detect early signs of ransomware and honeypots as a decoy to identify threats safely.

Keep Data

We develop baselines for users and detect when behavior deviates from what is expected, to keep your information secure.

Detect Stolen

Our platform monitors the dark web for stolen credentials and automatically forces a password reset to compromised accounts.

Adlumin Platform Features

Extend your defensive capabilities beyond firewalls, endpoints, and security devices. The Adlumin MDR platform searches for credentials up for sale on the dark web and will automatically require the user to reset their password.

Adlumin’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) capabilities are always on the hunt for anomalies in operational and security data, with transparent alerts on potential threats.

Honeypots are designed to draw attackers to a decoy system and provide you with intelligence to strengthen your security.

All the capabilities of a SIEM plus extended risk and management. Adlumin integrates and ingests data across your enterprise. Our Security Operations Platform correlates and prioritizes alerts from network traffic to web servers to SaaS applications.

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities make it easier to find and resolve threats in your environment. You set the playbook and still have the choice to perform manual actions within the platform.

One-touch compliance reporting makes ensuring and proving compliance to a growing library of standards or custom requirements fast and without burdens.

—David Clark, Director of IT at Utah State Bar

Adlumin definitely meets expectations and, in many ways, exceeds those expectations. I think the one thing that I appreciate is that Adlumin is constantly upgrading the system.”

Elevate Your Cybersecurity

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