Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

All the capabilities of a SIEM plus extended risk and management

Centralize all your data into Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform to gain visibility, automate response, and stay compliant.

Blue Swoosh UEBA

Gain insight and shine light across your technology stack

Adlumin integrates and ingests data across your enterprise. Our platform correlates and prioritizes alerts from network traffic to web servers to SaaS applications. Using user entity and behavior analytics, we identify when a user performs unusual actions and can automatically take action with our security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities.

How does Adlumin enable SIEM functionality?

Adlumin’s cloud-native streaming analytics platform is designed to discover threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures across any log data stream. Data from individual users and entities, like servers, workstations, and endpoints can be ingested into the application for baselining expected behavior.

Deviations from these baselines can signal cyberattacks and other events requiring attention.

Immediate Action Required

SIEM Benefits

Threat Based Prioritization

Using advanced algorithms, Adlumin detects anomalous events by learning baseline maps of normal messages, utilizing scalable techniques for cloud computing environments.

Provable Compliance

Get ahead of your risk team and auditor requests by proactively scheduling regular audit compliance reports. Use the same enterprise data that protects your enterprise to support your compliance.

Streamlined Workflows

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities make resolving threats in your environment easier. You set the playbook and have the choice to perform manual actions.

Adlumin SIEM Features

Full Network Visibility
Limitless Data
Behavioral Patterns
Threat Intelligence
Threat Hunting-Full Network Visibility

Adlumin delivers end-to-end visibility into incoming data records through the detection process, giving the user control over the detection and surveillance capability via state-of-the-art and intuitive entry points.

Threat Hunting-Limitless Data

Our hyper-scalable, patented architecture for ingesting streaming data means the platform updates machine learning algorithms for anomaly detection across an infinite quantity of data streams to discover threats, malfunctions, IT operations failures, and other predictive analytics use cases.

Threat Hunting-Behavioral Patterns
Threat Intelligence-Participants Across 140 Countries

Zane Archer Testimonial Headshot
- Zane A., Systems Manager

“We were looking to update our SIEM product but could not justify the cost for a new solution until we found Adlumin. This platform was much easier to deploy than anticipated.”