Adlumin MDR Offering

Get the power of Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform plus Detection and Response

With Adlumin’s MDR offering, you gain visibility without losing control.

Most managed services providers give you partial or bare-minimum visibility into your environment. With Adlumin’s MDR offering, you get round-the-clock coverage and access to the same platform as our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts. You get the benefit of seeing why an alert was closed, access to your investigation data, and reporting and threat intelligence in a click.

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The Adlumin Security Operations Platform, paired with our MDR offering, provides the capabilities and power of a world-class Security Operations Center (SOC) without the cost of building one. Our experienced analysts enhance your current team’s capabilities and help you reduce threat detection and response times while gaining complete visibility. You get more time back in your day and peace of mind knowing you are covered.

With Adlumin’s MDR Offering You Get:

Multi-Layered Detection Approach

Get detections developed by our threat research and data science team that spot emerging attacker tactics, our machine learning catches anomalous behavior unique to your environment, plus the benefit of threat intel and dark web monitoring. No rule writing or maintenance is required from you.

Step-by-Step Investigative Details

You shouldn’t be caught in the dark when an incident occurs. Our analysts use the Adlumin Security Operations Platform to investigate alerts, which means you can see each action taken to confirm and respond to an event. You’ll also get reporting to share with your executive team.

Comprehensive Response Capabilities

Our security experts go beyond just alerting malicious activity—we work to stop the current threat and block it from occurring again. We can take advanced response Security Operations and Automation Remediation (SOAR) actions from within the platform, no matter what security technology you invest in.

Full Access to Data and Tools

Expand your team with an MDR offering that keeps you in control. You can access the same data, tools, and reporting as our analysts. It’s easy to see your cyber posture, visualize access for every account and system on your network, and pull reporting when you need it.

Adlumin Protect Warranty

Safeguard against business continuity and insurance loss with up to $500,000 reimbursement. The Adlumin Protect Warranty is included, at no additional cost, with our Adlumin Protection Plus Suite. 

A Quick Overview of the Adlumin Security Operations Platform

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Complete Security Operations (SOC)

Use the Adlumin platform to build the foundation of your SOC.

Empower your enterprise with 360-degree visibility and prioritization at machine-learning speeds to bring maximum illumination to your security operations.

Let Adlumin take the following off your plate:

Vulnerability Management

A dedicated team will continuously identify critical vulnerabilities, prioritized by risk, and rapidly remediate risks through patch management.

Penetration Testing

Our tests simulate different vantage points, from limiting the scope to see what an attacker could exploit to how many ways an attacker could access critical data and assets.

Security Awareness

We’ll empower your employees to spot and report suspicious emails and automatically enroll users who’ve been tricked by attackers.

Experience what it’s like to have Adlumin’s SOC team shed light on your security.

Adlumin Expertise

Enhance your security with our 24×7 service. The Adlumin Security Operations Platform provides the capabilities and power to run a world-class security operations command center. At the same time, Adlumin’s MDR offering gives you added support or experience to enhance and operate your SOC. We’re always by your side.

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an attack?

Speed is of the essence. Put our incident response team to work immediately, and we’ll help you take command of the situation.

Check out the latest insights from Adlumin’s Threat Team.

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