Test Your Security Defenses with Adlumin

Are your current security defenses ready for today’s most pressing threats? We’re here to help! As part of Adlumin’s dedication to making cybersecurity testing available to all, we’re excited to introduce our range of free resources. By downloading one of the tools listed below, you can simulate different threats and evaluate your readiness.


Exfiltration Attack Simulator Tool

Double extortion increased by over 50% in the past year, causing a growing concern for the security of sensitive data. Adlumin Exfiltration Tool lets you test your defenses by simulating files being exfiltrated and provides a score based on how many files are removed 


Ransomware Attack Simulator Tool

Ransomware attacks have surged by over 150% in the past year alone, making them a growing concern for organizations of all sizes. The good news is you do not have to wait and see how safe your files are from encryption. Adlumin’s Ransomware Tool simulates the encryption process and provides a score based on how many files are preserved from encryption.


PowerShell Attack Simulator Tool

Are you concerned about potential threats hidden within your PowerShell scripts? PowerShell is a popular tool utilized in cyber attacks, often remaining undetectable. Introducing the ‘PowerShell Attack Simulator Tool’, powered by Adlumin. This cutting-edge resource is brought to you by the same company that uncovered ‘PowerDrop,’ the latest PowerShell malware script targeting the US aerospace industry.


Business Email Compromise Attack Simulator Tool

With over 300 million users worldwide, Microsoft 365 is a significant target for hackers and scammers. Organizations must proactively ensure the safety of their company and users against these threats. Would you like to know how your current security defenses would hold up against such attacks? Our free ‘Microsoft 365 Business Email Compromise Tool’ will simulate the most commonly used tactics to compromise accounts.

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