Adlumin’s Penetration Testing

Simulate different vantage points to see if critical data can be accessed

Adlumin’s Penetration Testing is tailored to specific industry segments, recognizing that traditional pen testing methods may increase risk unnecessarily.


Benefits of Adlumin’s Penetration Testing

Adlumin understands that the criticality of cybersecurity vulnerabilities depends on their exploitability and impact.

Using real-world scenarios, Adlumin’s Penetration Testing delivers rapid, actionable results, including industry-specific threat assessments. Our audit trail offers a blueprint, demonstrating how testers could access environments, move laterally, gain critical system access, and “capture the cyber flag” to validate testing efficacy.

Deployment Options

Your operation launch point matters

Focal Areas for Planning a Penetration Test

Discover how Penetration Tests can be a valuable tool in a security professionals toolkit