Adlumin Security Operations Platform

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


Visibility across all your data sources

Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform provides all the benefits of a SIEM plus more. Our platform aggregates and prioritizes all your data into one location and applies out-of-the-box detections paired with user and entity behavior analytics. Our security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities are included in the platform and enable you to set up playbooks or manually take actions. Threat feeds are updated daily and scan your environment to look for new potential threats.

With Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform, you get all the capabilities of an advanced SIEM for one license.

Discover hidden threats

Threat Detection and Response

You get detection based on user analytics, machine learning algorithms, threat intel, and dark web monitoring.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Search Capabilities

With all your data in one location, it’s easy to research for specific information or, more broadly, across your data to find relevant information quickly.

Compliance Reporting

Get one-touch compliance reporting based on live, accurate, and contextualized data. Instantly know where misconfigurations or deviations from policy threaten your compliance and security posture.

Automated Response

Stop threats in their tracks, no matter what security tech you have in place. Our Security Orchestration, Automated, and Response (SOAR) capability enables seamless response actions beyond containment and takes action at the account, group, or user level, all within seconds.

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