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Deploying Cybersecurity in Education with Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform



Adlumin Solutions:

Adlumin Security Operations Platform

Adlumin Illuminates Threats and Eliminates Cybersecurity Risks in Education

Adlumin’s platform provides educational institutions with the means to have an active SOC focused on reporting benefits, including quick and effective response, decreased costs of breaches and operations, active threat prevention, improved communication and coordination with 24×7 availability of security expertise. 

With Adlumin, Educational Institutions Can:

  • Integrate and enforce access policies based on user roles, departments, or specific data types of automated security workflows with Google Workspace. 
  • Streamline data ingestion from different sources and view everything in one place for compliance regulations, alerts, and analysis from all schools within a district. 
  • Oversee each school regardless of location or technology stack with Adlumin’s multi-tenancy

About Adlumin Cybersecurity

The Adlumin platform is feature-rich enough for organizations to operate on their own yet built specifically to amplify the skills and capabilities of managed service providers who use it to deliver cutting-edge security that can scale to meet the needs of any operating environment. With full access to the platform regardless of whether they are running it themselves or relying on Adlumin’s MDR services or expert partners, Adlumin gives educational institutes unparalleled visibility into their security posture through access to alerts, investigation data, threat intelligence, compliance reporting and everything else – all in real time.

Challenges for Deploying Cybersecurity in Education 

A tech-driven school district serving over 10,000 students from preschool to high school recently sought a new cybersecurity solution to enhance its digital security measures. The district recognized that they were growing and needed to prioritize digital security to protect their students, employees and IT environment.

The school district faced numerous challenges with its previous SIEM lacking visibility in its security measures, which made it difficult to monitor network traffic effectively and promptly identify potential cyber threats. One particular concern for the district was students using VPNs on personal devices, which can obfuscate traffic. All this in mind during their search, the district chose the Adlumin Security Operations Platform due to its ease of use as it was crucial to ensure that the district’s IT team could efficiently monitor and respond to potential threats all from one centralized platform.

Security Operations for a School District

Adlumin’s platform provides the district with comprehensive visibility into their security measures, giving them a holistic understanding of their security posture. This is important when it comes to students using VPNs on personal devices, as it allows the district to closely monitor network traffic and detect any unauthorized logins or suspicious activity.

Adlumin’s platform’s automated capabilities also streamline the incident response process, enabling the IT team to mitigate any potential threats and safeguard the district’s sensitive information. In addition, it has proven to be of great value to the school district by addressing their visibility and innovation needs. Adlumin solidified the district’s commitment to prioritizing the privacy and safety of its students and staff.

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