The Adlumin Security
Operations Platform

Command more visibility to your security, compliance, and cyber risk

IT and security teams are stretched thin, and disparate security tools slow down progress instead of helping them get aheadThe Adlumin Security Operations Platform plus extended risk management is built to help any organization take command of its security and compliance.

The platform streamlines data ingestion, analysis, and compliance workflows throughout your enterprise — illuminating unseen cyber threats, system vulnerabilities, and IT operations, so your path to response and compliance becomes clear. 

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Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform ensures swift setup, unrivaled visibility spanning endpoints, users, and the perimeter, and provides contextual insights for rapid, informed decision-making.

Adlumin’s platform is based on
three fundamental tenets:


Designed to give you as much power as you need, when you need it — without up-charging you for security capabilities, integrations, or data flow. 

Machine Intelligence

Unbound by your technology, Adlumin gets to know your environment, what’s normal, and what’s not. You don’t have to spend time writing rules.

Deploys in Minutes

Adlumin platform is cloud-native and serverless, which means onboarding is simple, regardless of your architecture or technology.

With Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform, the plusses keep on coming.

Get everything you need straight out of the box.

Extend your defensive capabilities beyond firewalls, endpoints, and security devices. The Adlumin MDR platform searches for credentials up for sale on the dark web and will automatically require the user to reset their password.

Our proprietary behavior analytics uses machine learning to identify, detect, and prioritize anomalous behavior. So, your team knows the moment something is out of place, indicating a potential threat. 

Always know and be able to demonstrate your security posture and compliance at a moment’s notice. Download reports in seconds, or schedule them to your inbox (or your auditors’) on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. 

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities make it easier to find and resolve threats in your environment. You set the playbook and still have the choice to perform manual actions within the platform.

Centralize all your data in one place to detect, respond and search across your environment. Connect the tech you’re already using and quickly gain visibility.

Get access to crowd-sourced threat intelligence from industry feeds and Adlumin’s Threat Research Team. This data is cross-referenced daily against your telemetry data to discover threats in your environment.  

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Anonymous Testimonial Headshot
—Tom G., Vice President - Chief Information Officer at Financial Plus Credit Union

“Adlumin installed in minutes, gave me complete visibility of my network from in the office or remotely at home, made it easy for me to customize alerts and respond in real-time, giving my financial institution exactly what we needed for security and compliance.”

Built to Integrate

Built to Integrate

Adlumin collects and indexes data from any source imaginable – network traffic, web servers, VPNs, firewalls, custom applications, application servers, hypervisors, GPS systems, and pre-existing structured databases. Then our platform compares it all to command authority and tells you if anything is abnormal.

Run Adlumin’s Platform
with your team,
or with ours

If your team is stretched thin, let our SOC analysts manage the platform for you. Our team uses the same platform to monitor, detect, and respond to potential threats 24×7, so you always have visibility in your enterprise.


Learn how to simplify your compliance requirements and shine light on your security.

Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform features world-class analytics, compliance reporting and automation tools, integrated threat intelligence and more.

The Adlumin Difference

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A Brief Overview of Adlumin

Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform is built to help any organization take command of its security and compliance. With Adlumin, you can focus on strategic initiatives while ensuring robust security measures.