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Why United Southern Bank of Kentucky Evolved its IT Environment to a Security Operations Platform

United Southern Bank of Kentucky


  • Previous SIEM provided partial visibility and required constant attention from the customer.
  • Seeking a Security Operations platform that gives 100% visibility and is
  • Trouble finding the proper support and cybersecurity experts to help facilitate their needs.
  • Needed a product to protect against the rising ransomware attacks in the banking industry.


  • Deployed Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform and MDR Services providing additional visibility to unseen cyber threats, system vulnerabilities, and IT operations.
  • Leveraged full-enterprise visibility and data integration to demonstrate compliance with banking standards and legal requirements.
  • 24×7 Darknet Exposure Monitoring and automatic alerts to those responsible.
  • Extended security team providing 24×7 support
    and expertise.

Protecting Nearly $300 million in Assets

United Southern Bank of Kentucky (USBKY) is a community bank headquartered in Hopkinsville, KY, serving the surrounding Christian and Todd County areas. Locally owned, they provide financial services to individuals and businesses in small communities, protecting nearly $300 million in assets. USBKY currently employs around 70 employees at eight branch locations. Their IT team consists of two employees, Joshua Fidler, Information Technology Officer, and Jill Burkeen, Information Security Officer.

Prior to Adlumin, USBKY worked with a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform that only provided partial visibility. As threats within the banking industry became more prevalent, they realized they needed more than a SIEM to stay ahead of cybercriminals and market trends. So, they looked for a platform to give their lean team insights and visibility into their hybrid multi-cloud environment. In addition, they wanted a solution that provided threat intelligence, was easy to use and offered cybersecurity experts for additional support.

Constant Support Calls with Previous Solution

Before discovering Adlumin, USBKY constantly reached out to their previous solution’s support team for assistance regarding their environment and struggled to get quick responses. Additionally, they were limited in the number of alerts they were receiving, so they had to put forth continuous efforts to consistently get the results they were looking for.

Fed up with the overall experience, USBKY began looking for a better solution to fit their needs and came across Adlumin. They immediately set up a demo to learn more. Joshua Fidler, Information Technology Officer at USBKY, said, “from the first demo, it was clearly a superior product to what we had in place.” From that moment forward, they decided Adlumin would be the ideal solution they were looking for, providing full visibility into threats and vulnerabilities.

— Joshua Fidler, Information Technology Officer at United Southern Bank of Hopkinsville Kentucky

“Our previous SIEM was very difficult to handle. It was an on-prem appliance that required constant attention, and it was not easy to use. We had constant support calls to get it functioning like it should be. It was not nearly as robust [as Adlumin’s MDR platform].”

Seeking Cyber Expertise, Full Transparency, and a User-Friendly Platform

USBKY searched for a platform they could manage without complications and did not pose any additional risks to their bank. Adlumin offers multiple options for customers where they can choose to manage the Security Operations Platform themselves, through one of the various trusted Partners, or engage with Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response Services team to protect fully. The management options put the power of the product in USBKY’s team, giving them control of their environment.

Cybercriminals consistently search for vulnerable entry points, while daily threats congregate in the dark parts of the internet. USBKY wanted a solution that would be a part of its IT department and shed light on its cybersecurity landscape. With the Adlumin platform continuously scanning its environment, USBKY stays ahead of cyber criminals and provides a deeper understanding of what threats are brewing before an attack occurs. 

— Jill Burkeen, Information Security Officer at United Southern Bank of Hopkinsville Kentucky

“The cyber expertise of the people [at Adlumin] is very impressive. I think the innovativeness of the platform, the vision cast of where the product is going, and the roadmaps that they shared with us, was critical in our selection of Adlumin.”

Ransomware on the Rise: Banks Remain Primary Target

Like most banks, one of USBKY’s main concerns is the rising ransomware attacks within their industry. Protecting themselves from ransomware attacks was another another one of their requirements. Adlumin’s Data Science Team developed a machine learning algorithm for detecting ransomware attacks via comprehensive monitoring of changes across the entire file system. Deploying Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform ease concerns for their IT team and the Board of Directors.

Compliance Reporting and Darknet Monitoring Made Easy

Understanding the importance of meeting its compliance requirements, USBKY required a solution that could easily pull reports for external bank auditors and examiners. Security and risk teams are asked to use data-driven processes to improve cyber risk maturity or show regulation compliance. Adlumin’s reporting module within the MDR platform gives USBKY’s IT team one-touch compliance reporting based on live, accurate, contextualized data. They are instantly aware of where there are misconfigurations or deviations from policy threatening their compliance and security posture.

As the threats became more prevalent and we were starting to see them more in our community bank environment, having to hop from different security platforms and to gain needed visibility was a challenge to our lean team. We had a SIEM before, but it didn’t utilize AI and wasn’t meeting our current needs. And it was not user-friendly. When we saw Adlumin, we were really blown away with the interface, threat intelligence, ease of use, and the amount of visibility gained into our environment.”

– Jill Burkeen, Information Security Officer at United Southern Bank of Hopkinsville Kentucky

USBKY knows that keeping track of the darknet can be risky and resource-draining, so they rely on Adlumin’s Darknet Exposure Monitoring. This feature gives USBKY complete visibility beyond their boundaries, shedding light on things they may not be aware of otherwise. Now, they are informed on whether their data or employee credentials are up for sale.

The Power of the Product and Building Community

Banks without 24×7 security coverage or those with a lean team should consider a Security Operations Platform that offers comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and insights. Not only does a Security Operations Platform plus extended risk management and security services streamline data ingestion and compliance workflows throughout USBKY’s enterprise, it also offers peace of mind knowing Adlumin is shining a light on activity that would otherwise go undetected.

Today, Adlumin and USBKY’s partnership is years in and thriving. Their team emphasizes the power of the Adlumin platform by acting as a referral to their IT peers within different industries. Joshua Fidler, Information Technology Officer at USBKY, says, “I helped sell the platform to one of your customers a year ago. We were talking about the tools we had and what we utilized, and I told him we have this neat platform that ingests all of our logs. I showed him the dashboard and the interface, and he, too, was blown away. He ended up signing with you [Adlumin] not too long after that.”

Adlumin also appointed Jill Burkeen to their customer advisory council so she could lend her insights to product development and enhancements. Burkeen says, “I am on the advisory council, and some of the things they are talking about doing in the future provide insight to our organization on what features will be added and how we can utilize that information to guide us in our strategic decisions.”

USBKY was looking for a solution that they could trust and rely on. Their advocacy shows their trust in Adlumin’s ability to help protect USBKY assets and data while enhancing the network environment.

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