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Adlumin Provides Total Visibility to Kelly Community Federal Credit Union

Kelly Community


  • Previous SIEM was very labor intrusive and lacked compliance reporting capabilities.
  • Trouble finding a scalable solution with compliance tools at a feasible price point for its credit union.
  • Seeking a Security Operations Platform that was easy to deploy and could save time in the long run.


  • Complete access to compliance features allows them to download reports for their audits and records whenever needed.
  • Continuously saves over three hours daily by having everything in one location, increasing productivity.
  • Full visibility with User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to guard their network against malicious attacks from internal and external actors.

Kelly Community Federal Credit Union Handles $150+ Million in Assets

Kelly Community Federal Credit Union (Kelly Community), located in Tyler, Texas, has been open since 1963. The credit union is a community-based financial institution with three branches and over 40 employees.

Prior to Adlumin, Kelly Community had a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform and was looking for a more robust security operation platform platform. They needed a tool that would provide more visibility, advanced response, and remediation capabilities to better address the higher volume of advanced persistent threats targeted at banks. The new platform needed to provide comprehensive threat detection, analytics, and reporting to meet compliance regulations that otherwise would not be accessible to the credit union.

Looking For More than a SIEM: All in One Platform

In just over three months, Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services helped consolidate Kelly Community’s network and cyber security operations into one platform and location. This efficiently works and assesses their network and system security, eliminating labor concerns. For example, using Adlumin, Kelly Community saves over three hours daily by having everything in one location. Lastly, the credit union’s IT staff receives real-time emails and texts about critical detections, making it easier to respond to threats faster.

Zane Archer Testimonial Headshot
— Zane Archer, Systems Manager at Kelly Community

“We were looking to update our SIEM product but could not justify the cost for a new solution until we found Adlumin. This platform was much easier to deploy than anticipated.”

Simplified Reporting and Monitoring: Easy Access

Adlumin provides Kelly Community with more visibility and monitoring in one platform for enhanced productivity and proactively defending against cyberattacks. The Adlumin Security Operations Platform provides analytics to measure the continuous protection provided and highlighted in advanced consolidating reporting. In addition, the platform offers patented technology that supports security for Kelly Community’s core banking applications. Adlumin’s User & Entity Behavior Analytics guards the credit union’s network against malicious attacks from internal and external actors. The platform can be deployed in minutes, limiting fraud and financial crime vulnerability.

Kelly Community currently uses Adlumin’s compliance reporting features to create all its reports in one location, with one consistent look and feel. The credit union uses the ACET, FFIEC CAT, PCI DSS, and executive reports for all its reporting requirements. Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform provides Kelly Community with comprehensive reporting, threat detection, and change tracking.

ACET Tool Incorporated into Platform

Adlumin provides comprehensive reporting, threat detection, and change tracking; the ACET tool was also incorporated into the platform. The ACET is based on the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). According to the NCUA, the new exam tool provides a “repeatable, measurable, and transparent process that improves and standardizes our supervision related to cybersecurity in all federally insured credit unions.”

The Automated Cybersecurity Examination Tool (ACET) requires credit unions to answer 494 questions — in the form of declarative statements — and submit approximately 200 documents for examiners to assess how the institution is preventing and preparing for cyber threats and attacks.

Reduced Labor Time with a Price in Reach

Kelly Community learned about Adlumin through its cybersecurity partner, AvTek Solutions. AvTek is a part of the Adlumin Advantage Partner-Led Program. They work closely with Adlumin’s team leveraging the platform’s power and building their MDR services to benefit existing customers and prospects.

After AvTek’s introduction, Kelly Community requested a demo, where Adlumin showcased its powerful capabilities and validation of Kelly Community with a more robust reporting platform, better data collection, and security for banking applications.

—Wayne Hunter, Co-founder and CEO of AvTek Solutions

“The Adlumin team is as passionate about protecting our clients. Also, they approach it as a true partnership instead of a vendor pricing a SaaS solution.”  

“Adlumin brings an outstanding product that will monitor our entire system, including our core server, with compliance reporting, incident tracking, change tracking, and near-live monitoring for network changes at a price more affordable to smaller credit unions.”

-Zane Archer, Systems Manager at Kelly Community

For smaller credit unions that need a SIEM and additional security products and services, Adlumin provides tools, reporting, and an overall product normally priced out of their reach. By consolidating the SIEM into one intuitive platform with automation and reporting, Kelly’s team has more time to focus on other duties.

“We were looking to update our SIEM product but could not justify the cost for the improvement until we found Adlumin,” said Archer.

Kelly Community had a deep need to decrease labor time for its IT team and was looking to shift the burden onto a solution. With a smaller-sized IT team, Kelly Community needed more capabilities and expertise in a platform to monitor the increased cyberthreats. Additionally, they needed a solution that simplified the recognition and reporting of those threats. The credit union’s previous tool was more labor-intensive than desired. It also lacked robust reporting and could not integrate with all its assets. Kelly Community knew it needed a change but was looking for a scalable solution with compliance tools at a feasible price point.

Next Steps: Illuminate threats. Eliminate Risk.
Command Authority.

Cyberattacks have risen on financial institutions, so security and compliance have become a necessity and top priority in the past few years. Working through the Advantage Partner-Led Program, Kelly Community has support from AvTek and Adlumin. For AvTek, the partnership enhances their cybersecurity managed service practice. For Kelly, Adlumin provides an outstanding platform that will monitor its entire system, including the core server with compliance reporting, incident tracking, etc.

Kelly Community took its IT environment to the next level by working with AvTek and Adlumin on finding a solution tailored to its needs. Finding a cost-effective command center for security operations is no easy task. A successful journey lies in patience, research, and partnership. Prevention is vital and taking the steps needed to mitigate risk are essential.

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