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Scalable Cybersecurity for Maschoff Brennan’s Merger & Acquisition


Maschoff Brennan 


Park City, Utah



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  • Looking to successfully integrate new employees, endpoints, and cybersecurity onboarding to support the recent merger seamlessly. 
  • Previous SIEM solution lacked effective visibility and alerts and had no automated response, leaving Maschoff Brennan vulnerable to potential threats. 
  • The legal industry has seen a significant rise in ransomware attacks due to the sensitive nature of the data it holds and the lack of proper ransomware defense programs in place.


  • The integration of the new organization’s cybersecurity protocols through Adlumin resulted in a seamless onboarding process for 25 new employees, enhancing data security without disrupting operations.
  • Adlumin’s Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) playbooks significantly reduced response time, enhancing overall cybersecurity readiness.
  • Maschoff Brennan implemented Adlumin’s Total Ransomware Defense service to provide additional prevention, detection, and recovery of ransomware attempts.

Protecting More than Confidential Information

Maschoff Brennan, a reputable law firm in Park City, Utah, is known for its intellectual property and complex litigation expertise. Serving a diverse clientele with a team of over 50 attorneys across six offices, Maschoff Brennan upholds a reputation for delivering top-tier legal services. Ensuring the highest levels of security and confidentiality for the sensitive information entrusted to them by clients is a top priority.

Before switching to Adlumin, Maschoff Brennan had difficulties obtaining insights with their previous Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. It offered limited alerts, leading to constant efforts to get timely results.

Upon the recommendation from a neighboring law firm’s IT Director, Maschoff Brennan found that Adlumin’s security approach was ideal for their need for 24×7 visibility and monitoring. In addition, Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team serves as an extension of Maschoff Brennan’s lean team of two, providing proactive monitoring and response to ensure protection against potential threats.

Adlumin’s offering combines effectiveness with affordability, enabling Maschoff Brennan to access enterprise-grade security solutions. This empowers them to elevate their security posture and effectively safeguard their sensitive data against cyber threats.

Dan Evans, IT Director at Maschoff Brennan

Scalability in Action for Maschoff Brennan’s Merger

Maschoff Brennan is going through a merger that will add 25 new employees and substantial client data. As a result, they need a cybersecurity solution that could handle growth and the integration of new technology to protect their assets effectively. The merger provides an opportunity for expansion but also brings the challenge of integrating different cybersecurity tools.

Recognizing the merger, Maschoff Brennan turned to Adlumin because the solution can scale effortlessly with their growing business. Integrating the new organization was easily executed, requiring minimal adjustments from law firm.

Maschoff Brennan was impressed by Adlumin’s ability to onboard new users and entities seamlessly. The law firm emphasized that they did not have to take any extra steps to onboard the new employees – Adlumin took care of everything efficiently.

Dan Evans, IT Director at Maschoff Brennan

Enhancing Security with Proactive Alert Management

One of the most common alerts Maschoff Brennan receives is related to impossible travel notifications – instances where user accounts are accessed from geographically impossible locations or logins, occur at unusual times. These alerts are promptly investigated and responded to by The Adlumin MDR team, with recommendations on how to address the issue best and prevent similar incidents in the future. This proactive approach to impossible travel notifications helps Maschoff Brennan enhance its overall security posture and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and misuse.

The Adlumin MDR team facilitates effective communication and collaboration within Maschoff Brennan’s security team. The platform enables seamless communication through emails allowing team members to share information quickly, coordinate response efforts, and stay updated on the status of security incidents in real-time.

Regular monthly touch bases with Adlumin’s customer experience team further ensure that Maschoff Brennan is leveraging the full capabilities of the platform and continuously improving their cybersecurity defenses.

Dan Evans, IT Director at Maschoff Brennan

Protecting Against the Rise of Ransomware

By partnering with Adlumin, Maschoff Brennan can rest assured knowing their cybersecurity is under constant expert monitoring. This managed security service is vital in combatting the rising ransomware threat, which poses significant risks to operations, finances, and reputation.

Phishing and credential harvesting are common tactics employed by cyber attackers targeting law firms. These tactics can compromise sensitive data and systems, leading to potential ransomware attacks that could result in financial loss and reputational damage. Adlumin’s Threat Insights: Legal Edition report confirms the increasing sophistication of attackers in targeting the legal sector.

Adlumin Total Ransomware is a key managed security service providing multi-layered protection against ransomware attacks. The service proactively identifies and mitigates evolving threats through advanced technologies like AI and behavioral models, allowing the firm to focus on its legal work. By adding this offering, the law firm has a comprehensive security solution to protect against ransomware.

Overall, the partnership with Adlumin not only meets Maschoff Brennan’s immediate cybersecurity needs but also provides a scalable solution that can grow with their expanding organization. The ease of integration, automated playbooks, and comprehensive security measures offered by Adlumin has positioned Maschoff Brennan for success.

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