Report December 11, 2023

Threat Insights: Legal Edition

December 2023

Threat Insights:
Legal Edition

Adversary Trends and Mitigation Strategies

Don’t miss your chance to stay proactive against the latest cyber threats.

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Gain knowledge on effective strategies and tools

The landscape of cybersecurity in the legal sector is constantly changing, and there are various significant cybersecurity issues that the sector currently faces as threat actors use different tactics to exploit vulnerabilities. To overcome these top issues, Adlumin’s Threat Insights: Legal Edition offers effective strategies that provide you with the knowledge and tools to protect your legal organization. 

In this report, you will discover:

Malware trends targeting the legal sector, including what types of tactics are used. 

What types of attacks are posing a significant threat to the legal sector 

Recommendations for how law firms can mitigate threats and protect their organizations.