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Adlumin Contains Cyberattack on a Leading Law Firm in Minutes



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  • Faced a significant increase in cyberattack threats, similar to the global trend, with a 20% surge in cyberattacks this past year.
  • With only a one-person IT team, the law firm had scarce resources to monitor and respond to potential security incidents effectively.   
  • Vulnerability of client data and the potential for severe consequences if breached.  
  • Looking to navigate stringent regulations, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and state-specific data protection laws.   
  • The law firm faced rising insurance costs due to the heightened cybersecurity risks associated with its industry.   


  • Increased its cybersecurity awareness and preparedness by implementing Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services, strengthening its security posture.  
  • Swiftly detected and responded to a security incident, minimizing potential damages and ensuring the safety of sensitive client data.   
  • Successfully negotiated better insurance rates, improving its overall risk management strategy by having Adlumin in place.  
  • Prompt and efficient incident containment took 5 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to the law firm’s business operations.  
  • One-touch compliance and reporting, demonstrating the value of its cybersecurity efforts through comprehensive and informative reports. 

Protecting Clients for Over 50 Years  

One of the oldest and largest law firms serves a wide range of industries and clients. Renowned for their unparalleled legal expertise and dedication to their clients, this law firm has become a trusted partner for cities, municipalities, and businesses alike. Representing clients in over 30+ states, the law firm prides itself on serving entities of all sizes, from small businesses to large school districts.  

A Call for Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures  

Law firms are prime targets for cyberattacks, and this prominent law firm recognized the need for a trusted cybersecurity solution to protect its sensitive data and client information.

In addition, regulations and client confidentiality are an essential component to any organization in the legal market as they must ensure the security of sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII). The industry challenges for this law firm led them to seek a single provider capable of effectively detecting and responding to potential threats, monitoring account activity, and identifying any irregular or suspicious behavior that could signify a breach.   

With a one-person team, the law firm also required the support of an extended security team of skilled cybersecurity professionals to serve as an additional layer of defense for their invaluable client information. Ultimately, their goal was to implement an all-in-one solution that could swiftly investigate, notify, and address any potential security incidents that may arise. That’s when the team discovered Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services.

Implementing A New Cybersecurity Solution

After witnessing the impressive capabilities of Adlumin’s platform during the demo, the law firm was convinced of its potential and was determined to move forward. The platform’s advanced threat detection and response features, coupled with real-time monitoring and proactive incident response capabilities, convinced the law firm that Adlumin’s offerings were the perfect fit for its cybersecurity needs.

Excited about the benefits, the law firm shared the solution with its shareholders, who were equally impressed and convinced of its efficacy. Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform and MDR Services offer visibility into the law firm’s network and endpoints while helping them reduce cyber insurance premiums.   

The law firm successfully negotiated better cyber insurance rates by demonstrating its commitment to proactive cybersecurity measures, improving its overall risk management strategy. With their new solution in place, the law firm quickly went back to focusing on its core legal services, knowing its cybersecurity needs were being expertly addressed.

Law Firm Faces Cyber Intrusion  

Two years after implementing Adlumin, the law firm, experienced a security incident where its network was compromised through a man-in-the-middle attack. Adlumin discovered the security event and immediately notified the firm’s IT administrator.

Once logging into Adlumin’s virtual platform the law firm’s IT administrator was met with a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts who took control of the situation. Adlumin’s MDR team identified and isolated the compromised servers, preventing the attackers from causing further harm and ensuring the safety of the sensitive data.

5 Minutes
Within the first 5 minutes of the attack, Adlumin’s Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capability contained the compromised systems, leading.

With the threat contained, Adlumin’s MDR  focused on further investigation and remediation. Adlumin’s analysts provided updates to the law firm as they meticulously examined the logs, enabling them to pinpoint the exact attack timeline. This information helped restore the system to a state right before the incident occurred, minimizing potential damage.

Step-by-Step Investigation  

Adlumin’s comprehensive investigation resolved the issue and provided valuable insights into the nature and extent of the incident. As a result, the law firm was able to understand the methods used by the attackers and the steps that need to be taken to strengthen its security posture and prevent future incidents.

The investigation emphasizes the importance of having an extended security team that can be trusted in times of crisis by protecting their network, stopping threats, and remediating security incidents. Adlumin’s immediate response, expertise, and proactive approach were crucial in mitigating this particular security incident and ensuring the law firm’s data remained secure.

Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform and MDR Services played a critical role in identifying and helping the law firm recover from the security incident. The law firm’s trust in Adlumin’s expertise and capabilities proved invaluable, underscoring the need for organizations to have a reliable and skilled security partner in today’s evolving threat landscape.

A Partnership Built on Trust

Security incidents are inevitable – especially for enterprises that collect and manage sensitive data. Dedicating the needed resources to cybersecurity programs can be challenging for small to medium-sized firms due to scarce resources, budget, and lack of expertise. This law firm sought a solution like Adlumin to fill its cybersecurity gaps.

Great partnerships are built on the foundation of trust. The law firm places its trust in Adlumin, viewing it as a valuable extension of its security team. By leveraging the features of Adlumin’s platform, the firm gains full visibility into its IT operations while streamlining its daily activities.

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