Scalable Cybersecurity for Maschoff Brennan’s Merger & Acquisition

Discover how Adlumin empowered Maschoff Brennan through a seamless merger process, effectively enhancing cybersecurity protocols, endpoint security, and automated responses to combat threats. Adlumin’s solution facilitated a smooth integration, securing Maschoff Brennan’s operations and ensuring protection against rising ransomware threats in the legal industry.

How Adlumin’s Progressive Penetration Testing Helped a Financial Institution Immediately Identify Vulnerabilities

Discover how Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform empowered this financial institution to take control of their security and compliance, uncover hidden cyber threats, and streamline data analysis and compliance workflows.

In this paper, you’ll learn how, using Penetration Testing, they successfully identified and remedied critical security gaps within minutes, providing actionable insights to safeguard against potential breaches.
Curious about the potential benefits of Penetration Testing for your financial institution? Download this paper today.

Adlumin Helps a Healthcare Provider Defend Against 250,000 Daily Attacks

This paper highlights the cybersecurity challenges faced by Sky Lakes, a custodian of sensitive patient data vulnerable to cyberattacks due to limited resources. They lacked effective security tools to investigate external endpoints and needed to prevent another technology infrastructure loss after a ransomware attack. Sky Lakes sought a solution to meet regulatory requirements like HIPAA. The results reveal that Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform successfully defends against daily attacks, saving time and resources through tool consolidation into a user-friendly dashboard. Adlumin’s one-touch compliance and reporting also facilitated quick cybersecurity enhancements, ensuring comprehensive protection and valuable insights.

School District Boosts Security for 19,000 Students and 2,600 Employees with Adlumin

This paper discusses the implementation of a Security Operations Platform (SOP) to address challenges in centralizing data, streamlining alert monitoring, and optimizing a lean security team across 27 schools in Southwest Utah. By adopting Adlumin’s SOP and Managed Detection and Response solution, the organization achieved impressive results. They reduced ticket closure times to just 5 minutes, swiftly addressed potential vulnerabilities in 15 minutes, and gained enhanced visibility through Google Workspace integration. Continuous vulnerability management also played a key role in minimizing response times and improving overall team productivity by consolidating event management into a single platform.

Adlumin’s Multi-Tenant Security Platform Delivers Unified Visibility Across 12 School Districts

Southern Oregon Education Service District needed a multi-tenancy solution to protect 12 school districts consisting of 52,000 enrolled students and 3,500 teachers. Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform allowed them to have visuals over every school district with one platform while also providing cost savings and 24×7 detection capabilities.

How Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response Services Reduced Government Client’s Notifications by 65%

Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team swiftly identified and investigated an alarming influx of daily alerts for a client. Uncovering an elusive “phantom” account triggering these unnecessary notifications, Adlumin’s MDR team collaborated closely with the client to pinpoint the root cause and eliminate the disruptive alerts.