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The LifeLong Customer: Navigating Cybersecurity's Seas of Trust and Growth with Robert Johnston, CEO at Adlumin

Join host Brad Hammond in this episode of the Lifelong Customer podcast, as he dives into a conversation with Robert Johnston, CEO of Adlumin. A former Marine with a strong cybersecurity background, Robert shares the genesis of Adlumin and its transition from military operations to private sector entrepreneurship.

Explore the vital role of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape and how Adlumin revolutionizes security operations with its unique command center approach. Robert discusses the company’s market niche and the effectiveness of a channel-based go-to-market strategy. Gain insights into Adlumin’s growth journey from humble beginnings to a significant industry player, all while prioritizing customer value.

This episode offers a wealth of advice, from navigating product-market fit challenges to transitioning from founder-led efforts to professional management—a must-listen for those navigating the complex waters of cybersecurity entrepreneurship.

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Adlumin Unveils Warranty and Cyber Insurance Offerings that Make Coverage Attainable and Affordable for Previously Unprotected Small and Mid-Sized Organizations

Adlumin Protection Plus Suite receives Cysurance Certification to Provide Low Friction Path to Complementary Financial Protection

WASHINGTON – September 12, 2023Adlumin, the security operations platform and managed detection and response (MDR) service provider keeping mid-market organizations secure, today announced a new warranty program that provides up to $500,000 of financial protection at no cost to customers who qualify. The warranty comes as a result of a third-party testing and certification program by Cysurance, a next-generation risk mitigation company that insures, warranties and certifies security solutions. The Cysurance Certification Program enables Adlumin to offer customers significant discounts on cyber insurance policies.

Together these new offerings provide a low-friction path to attaining complementary financial protection for small and mid-sized organizations who often struggle to find coverage that fits their needs. The Adlumin Protect Warranty enables organizations to qualify for cyber insurance at a lower premium, while also providing fast reimbursement in the event of an incident, and financial resources to support operations before an organization meets its cyber insurance deductible. For organizations covered by Adlumin Protect Warranty, approved payments or agreed remediation will begin 48 hours after verification of a cybersecurity incident.

“Skyrocketing cyber claims, growing security complexity and exploding insurance premiums are pricing small to mid-market organizations out of insurance protection, leaving them exposed to crippling financial impact of cyberattacks,” said Mark Sangster, cybersecurity author and Adlumin Chief of Strategy. “We founded Adlumin to give these organizations the enterprise-grade resources they need and deserve, and these new financial protections build another layer on top of the security operations platform, managed detection and response services, and incident response services we’re already providing. Partnering with an industry leader like Cysurance is one more way we’re bringing top-tier resources to organizations of all sizes.”

Organizations that subscribe to the Adlumin Protection Plus Suite automatically qualify for $500,000 in warranty coverage at no charge, and are eligible for significantly discounted cyber insurance premiums from Cysurance.

“We are in a challenging landscape for small and midsized organizations. Security spending, breaches, and insurance premiums are on the rise, but coverage is becoming more limited and difficult to obtain. Our mission at Cysurance is to verify the proficiency of security operations and expedite the path to coverage,” said Kirsten Bay, CEO at Cysurance. “Establishing certification and coverage for cybersecurity providers, like Adlumin brings a new level of sophistication and assurance to organizations of all sizes. Cysurance-certified providers meet the most stringent requirements demanded by underwriters of risks associated with hardware, software, infrastructure, and security services. That is why we can offer Adlumin customers a streamlined path to insurance coverage and discounted policies.”

Adlumin Protect is a low-friction certification warranty designed to safeguard Adlumin customers against business continuity and insure against loss, protecting their revenue and recovery. It builds on the company’s vision to provide a single platform that equips organizations with full visibility and the tools required to combat cybersecurity threats. For more information on Adlumin Protect Warranty, visit

About Cysurance
Cysurance is a next-generation risk mitigation company that insures, warranties and certifies security solutions. Cysurance-certified partners meet the most stringent requirements demanded by underwriters of risks associated with hardware, software, infrastructure, and security services deployed by enterprises across all industries and geographies. Cysurance-certified offerings minimize vulnerabilities faced by public, private, and non-profit leaders. The company dynamically ensures adherence to the constantly evolving best practices for enterprise security, through an integrated ecosystem of solution providers who work seamlessly together to cost-effectively optimize the resilience of organizations. All insurance products and services are offered by Cysurance, a licensed producer.

About Adlumin
Adlumin Inc. provides the enterprise-grade security operations platform and managed detection and response services that keep mid-market organizations secure. With one license and one platform, its patented technology gives organizations and solution providers everything they need for effective threat hunting, incident response, vulnerability management, darknet exposure monitoring, compliance support and much more.

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5 Cybersecurity Trends Still on the Rise

By: Brittany Demendi, Corporate Communications Manager at Adlumin

As summer begins to wind down and we hit the mid-year mark, it is becoming increasingly evident that the cybersecurity industry continues to experience transformational shifts. In the face of persistent threats and sophisticated attacks businesses must adapt to the changes to strengthen their defense mechanisms.

Despite the various challenges brought forth by the ever-advancing technological world, one thing remains constant—cybersecurity’s critical importance is safeguarding our digital assets and personal information. As the digital landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, remaining vigilant is the key component to staying ahead of the cybercrime curve.

This blog explores five key cybersecurity trends that are still on the rise, shaping the way we approach digital security and setting the tone for the months to come.

  1. Cybersecurity Spending: According to ESG research, 65% of organizations planned to increase their budgets this year. While budgets are tightening, cybersecurity spending is still on the rise. In the past few years, cybersecurity has become a boardroom topic. Cyber threats continue to impact organizations on a daily basis and the awareness of these issues is prevalent. Companies understand the criticality of keeping customer and business data secure and investment in cybersecurity has become non-negotiable and often needed for compliance.
  2. Cloud-Based Attacks: Organizations have adapted to servicing customers through apps to employees working remotely, increasing the attack surface for adversaries. Most organizations store their data in the cloud and as a result, cybercriminals are focusing on the cloud as the main target for attacks. The key to managing cloud risk is being able to identify when user activity deviates from normal matters. This can be accomplished by investing in a solution with User Entity and Behavior Analytics and one that will ingest security signals from your productivity tools.
  3. Machine Learning Based Detections: To keep up with the sophistication and growing threat landscape, machine learning is becoming a key capability in cybersecurity. Machine learning goes beyond signature-based detection methods to identify advanced tactics cybercriminal are leveraging to bypass detection. Embracing machine learning in cybersecurity solutions is a necessary step in staying ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats.
  4. Insider Threats: This emerging challenge his emerging challenge is sometimes misunderstood. While it could be a disgruntled employee posting sensitive information, we’re referring to human error that occurs internally. According to VentureBeat, “one out of every five breaches, 19%, originate from the inside.” Whether it is an employee accidentally leaking passwords credentials or downloading malware without realizing it, not following security protocols leaves sensitive data at risk. Investing in security awareness training is essential to educating employees to better protect against this risk.
  5. Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks: BEC continues to be one of the top ways attackers steal information, achieve financial gains, and find their way into an organization. It works because it involves a human element. They trick and deceive users into taking harmful actions, sharing sensitive information or providing monetary gains. An AFP report also shared “evidence that BEC remains a problem, with 71% of organizations experienced an attempted or actual BEC attack in 2022. That’s up 3 percentage points from 2021, but still off the 2018 high mark of 80%.” Security professionals must focus on educating employees to gain awareness and recognize these techniques to defend against BEC attacks.

Command More Visibility

The trends above only represent a small portion of what the industry is up against and opportunities to take hold of. The key is to take all we know about cybersecurity and apply them fully to our current security programs. Knowledge is only the halfway point to winning the battle and implementing a proactive security approach is important to defend against common trends.

Amidst these escalating threats, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers play a pivotal role in defending organizations. Investing in a solution that provides full visibility across your environment, provides insight into policy violations, and takes a multi-layered detection approach that looks at your extended threat landscape will enable organizations to keep up with the latest trends. Investing in MDR can be an extension of your team and provide valuable threat insights to prepare for and protect against the evolving threat landscape.

Three Critical Elements for the Perfect Security Operations Mix White Paper

Adlumin wants to be your guide to educating you on the threats your organization is up against while equipping your IT landscape with the necessary tools.

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Cyber Tide Podcast - Episode 2: Managed Services Keeping Up with the Changing Financial Services World

Join co-hosts Mark Sangster, VP and Chief of Strategy, and Tim Evans, Cofounder, and EVP, as they interview Chief Operating Officer Vinod Paul from Align Managed Services in this episode of Cyber Tide.

The three experts roll up their sleeves to examine how cybersecurity and IT blend and what managed services providers are doing to keep up with the daily changing corporate ecosystem and threat landscape. “Twenty years ago, what the hedge fund footprint looked like, is very different than what it looks like today,” Vinod Paul states.

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About the Cyber Tide Series

Dive beneath the surface of infamous cybersecurity attacks to learn the means and motives of cyber adversaries. In each episode, we invite an expert to reveal the contributing factors and costs of cyber incidents and how your firm can protect itself from business-disrupting cyberattacks.

Full Threat Lifecycle Management Model Applications White Paper

In the face of aggressive cyber adversaries, expanding digital exposures, and increasing accountability, organizations are struggling to focus constrained resources to manage these risks. This white paper explores the evolution of the threat landscape and the model by which you can protect your business.

Download this paper to learn:

  • The industrialization of cybercrime
  • Eight cybersecurity challenges within the current threat landscape
  • The importance and impact of understanding the MDR/XDR architecture
  • What are the benefits for your organization to adopt the NIST Framework

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