Leading Financial Institution Cloud-Native SIEM Artificial Intelligence Writes Your SIEM Rules


Deploys in and helps you comply in seconds

The Adlumin SIEM Secures Your Financial, Customer, & Sensitive Data Using World-Class Analytics

Adlumin is your network defender. By enabling our simple data collection, we provide you with a user friendly interface to see all 360 degrees of your environment.

Molded to reflect the needs of the IT professional, Adlumin can be a force multiplier for you and your staff. Our alerting, powered by machine learning and deep cybersecurity experience, points out probable threats in real time.


Improve Network Health

We identify stale accounts, accounts with reversible encryption, accounts with passwords that don't expire, misconfigured accounts, and NIST Cyber Framework violations.


Detect Intruders / Lateral Movement

Adlumin uses machine learning to detect when an intruder or malicious insider is moving to systems that have not been accessed by the account in question. Our analytics run in real time, notifying you when the event happens on your network.


Eliminate Weak Encryption

Adlumin identifies all the areas in your network health/identity eco-system that make you vulnerable.  We point out weak and reversible encryption which also violate Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) standards.


Account Privilege Analysis

User network privileges are difficult to understand with active directory.  Adlumin Platform let's you visualize authority  so you know who has authorization to touch your ePHI, PCI, or other sensitive data


Shared Drive Analysis

Adlumin helps you clean up your identity ecosystem by showing you what your users are doing on your network every day.  Do you really know who has access to your organizations most sensitive data?


Fast Incident Response

With many platforms you need to wait weeks for the answers.  Adlumin gives you the answers you need in real-time without waiting to import data into an appliance, then having to program queries.  With Adlumn, the analytics and report features are already programmed ready to help.

Adlumin Identifies Hacker Activities in Real-time

  • Constantly analyzes every user's activities

  • Detects the theft of your passwords/logins

  • Monitors sensitive data systems in real-time

  • Satisfies PCI DSS log monitoring requirements

  • Satisfies PCI DSS & HIPAA compliance requirements

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