• Adlumin Strengthens Ransomware Prevention, Adding Capability to Quickly Identify and Kill Data Exfiltration

Free Tool for Simulating Exfiltration and Testing Existing Defenses Complements Expanded Ransomware Prevention Feature Now Available for MDR and XDR Customers

WASHINGTON – June 25, 2024 – Adlumin, the security operations command center that simplifies complexity for organizations of all sizes, today announced a new capability, Ransomware and Exfiltration Prevention, that quickly detects and stops attackers from exfiltrating data. With the majority of ransomware attackers now employing double-extortion techniques where they threaten to steal and leak sensitive data in addition to encrypting files until a ransom is paid, this new capability disrupts these activities before they can escalate into a full-blown attack.

In addition to this new capability, Adlumin also launched a free tool that any organization can download to simulate data exfiltration associated with a ransomware attack and test the efficacy of their current defense.

Adding capabilities that stop data exfiltration strengthens Adlumin’s Ransomware Prevention feature that already stops ransomware encryption fast enough to save 99% of files. Together, these capabilities provide a comprehensive defense that enables organizations to stop ransomware gangs from both of the techniques they use to disrupt and extort an organization.

“The ransomware threat has evolved and there are no longer many attacks that rely on encryption alone. Since organizations have implemented strategies like file backups to mitigate against encryption, attackers have changed their tactics to include data theft and using data in nefarious ways to extort their victims,” said Robert Johnston, CEO and co-founder of Adlumin. “Ransomware recovery is a lot easier when you take away an attacker’s leverage – that’s why we’re giving our customers new tools to stop exfiltration and encryption at the earliest stages.”

Adlumin’s Ransomware and Exfiltration Prevention works by strategically placing decoy files to draw the attention of malicious actors. The feature monitors these files and looks for signs of encryption and/or data exfiltration and terminates the process at its earliest signs.

Customers of Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service are already benefiting from its Ransomware Prevention feature at no additional cost. Now, Extended Detection and Response (XDR) customers that use Adlumin’s platform without MDR services can also purchase Ransomware and Exfiltration Prevention as an add-on to Adlumin’s cloud-based platform.

Adlumin’s new ransomware exfiltration simulator is the latest in the company’s suite of tools that are freely available for any organization to download and use. To measure your organization’s effectiveness against ransomware exfiltration and/or encryption with Adlumin’s free tools, visit https://adlumin.com/tools/free-tools/.

For more information on how Adlumin MDR or XDR can keep your organization secure, visit: https://adlumin.com/platform/

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Adlumin is the security operations command center that simplifies complexity and keeps organizations of all sizes secure. Its innovative technology and seamless integrations create a feature-rich platform that includes everything a sophisticated security team needs, while empowering channel resellers, service providers and organizations of any size with the collaboration and transparency required to establish a coordinated and mature defense. Adlumin is headquartered in Washington, DC and is backed by investors including SYN Ventures, First In VenturesWashington Harbour Partners and BankTech Ventures.

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