Ransomware Prevention

Stop Encryption,
Secure Your Files

Stop Encryption, Secure Your Files

Speed is of the essence when tackling ransomware to ensure the preservation of your file system. Often, by the time ransomware attacks are detected, a significant portion of the file system has already fallen victim to encryption.

Adlumin’s ransomware prevention feature takes a step beyond detection and stops the encryption process at the earliest sign.

Protect and Preserve Important Files

Adlumin Managed Detection and Response (MDR) includes our Ransomware Prevention feature. With low false positives, early detection capabilities, and minimal impact on system performance, this feature makes recovery easy from a ransomware attack.

Adlumin Ransomware Prevention Difference


Early Prevention

Identify and prevent malicious encryption at the earliest stage, minimizing the impact on your file system.

Automatically Stop
the Threat

Automatically Stop the Threat

The encryption process is automatically stopped, and the host is isolated to decrease the business impact.

Precision in Threat Detection

With a high accuracy in threat detection, it reduces false positives to enhance operational efficiency.

Ransomware attacks have surged by over 150% in the past year alone, making them a growing concern for organizations of all sizes. The good news is you do not have to wait and see how safe your files are from unwanted/malicious encryption. Adlumin Ransomware Tool simulates an attack and provides a score based on how many files are preserved from encryption.

Download our free ransomware attack simulator tool today!

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— Anonymous, Senior Director of IT at Cybersecurity Incident-Response Firm

“With Adlumin, we can understand which users are leveraging certain devices, installed and shared applications, and gaining a holistic view of the global environment, which is a force multiplier.”