The Ultimate Guide to Using Cybersecurity AI

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly altered the way IT security experts approach cybersecurity. Our new guide outlines the benefits of integrating AI into your cybersecurity plan and showcases four stages of AI advancements in cybersecurity. It provides organizations with useful information on Adlumin’s recommendations for responsible AI integration.

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Strong Personalities During a Cyber Crisis

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Strong Personalities During a Cyber Crisis

In a cyber crisis, who makes the decisions: The senior person? The technical expert? The self-appointed hero? When it comes to effective crisis leadership, removing emotion is critical. Yet our human biases, office politics, and perceived personal fears often influence or derail sound decision-making. Stress impacts every person differently, making it essential to learn how to identify and harness each type during a cyber crisis.

The Adlumin Difference

Learn how to simplify your compliance requirements and what features you need for better protection Adlumin’s Managed Detection and Response platform features world-class analytics, compliance reporting and automation tools, integrated threat intelligence and more.

Progressive Penetration Testing Program

The Adlumin Progressive Penetration Testing Program offers comprehensive assessments tailored to each customer’s risk tolerance. By simulating different attack scenarios, from internal exploits to external threats, organizations can identify vulnerabilities and prioritize their cybersecurity efforts.

Traditional annual penetration tests no longer suffice against sophisticated cyber adversaries, as they provide only a snapshot of security health. Adlumin’s program goes beyond formulaic methodologies, addressing the evolving threat landscape with real-world scenarios and providing actionable recommendations.

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Find out how to test, document and explain each vulnerability and its impact. We show how to collect, evidence, observed instances, and review remediation recommendations.

Continuous Vulnerability Management

Organizations are constantly being challenged by attackers looking for vulnerabilities within their infrastructure to exploit and gain access. Organizations must have timely threat information about software updates, patches, misconfigurations, open ports, unnecessary services running, etc. They should regularly review their environment to identify these vulnerabilities before the attackers do.

Understanding and managing vulnerabilities is a continuous activity requiring the focus of time, attention, and resources.

Adlumin’s cloud-based Continuous Vulnerability Management constantly assesses and tracks vulnerabilities on all enterprise assets within the enterprise’s infrastructure to remediate and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers.

The Ultimate Guide to Malware

This comprehensive guide focuses on the most dangerous and common forms of malware that organizations are likely to face. You will be provided with the knowledge and tools you need to protect your systems and data from the most prevalent malware threats.

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  • 13 common types of malware
  • Why cybersecurity training programs are essential to protecting organizations, schools, healthcare facilities, etc. against cyber attacks
  • Continuous Vulnerability Management (CVM) Lifecycle
  • The impact of Threat Hunting

Proactive Security Awareness Program

Adlumin’s Proactive Security Awareness Program empowers employees with the skills to identify and report suspicious activity, which is the best defense against cyber adversaries delivering attacks through convincing campaigns and phishing lures. Adlumin has the expertise to deliver real-world scenarios and context-rich security awareness programs effectively in line with their managed detection and response (MDR) services.

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  • Explore Adlumin’s fully managed security awareness testing and training service
  • Learn how to proactively defend your organizations against the risks posed by the human error
  • Integration Overview: KnowBe4 and Adlumin’s Platform
  • Data and reporting capabilities