Center for Digital Government Solution Brief

Why Your Security Training Isn’t Working

Most governments provide cybersecurity training for employees. But phishing is still rampant. Why?

Download our issue brief, “Why Your Security Training Isn’t Working” for an in-depth look at the threats facing your organization and learn what steps you can take to stay protected.

Why do awareness training programs falls short?

Most training programs focus on the wrong goals and measure the wrong indicators of performance. However, with the right approach to security training, agencies can turn their employees into their strongest asset in the fight against cyberattacks.

In this report, you will discover:

Learn about the prevalence of phishing-based cyberattacks, particularly targeting government employees.

Understand the shortcomings of traditional security training programs.

Explore key factors for effective awareness training, such as the COM-B and Kirkpatrick Models.

Discover the significance of empowering employees and educating them on cyber threats.

Issue Brief: Why Your Security Training Isn’t Working