Adlumin XDR Features

Everything you need out of the box

Adlumin’s compliance reporting capabilities ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and generating reports to demonstrate compliance. 

Adlumin identifies emerging threats with industry feeds and information from our Threat Research Team.  

Adlumin’s darknet monitoring capabilities identify if user credentials have been exposed due to a security breach.

Honeypots are designed to draw attackers to a decoy system and provide you with intelligence to strengthen your security. 

A team of experts to help respond to an active security breach and remediate the cause to reduce future risk.  

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities make it easier to find and resolve threats in your environment.

Adlumin XDR collects and analyzes security data to support threat detection and compliance. 

Proactive search and investigation to identify and eliminate hidden and persistent security threats. 

Adlumin’s proprietary behavior analytics uses machine learning to identify, detect, and prioritize anomalous behavior. Your team knows the moment something is out of place, indicating a potential threat.

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woman holding a laptop
— Anonymous, Senior Director of IT at Cybersecurity Incident-Response Firm

“With Adlumin, we can understand which users are leveraging certain devices, installed and shared applications, and gaining a holistic view of the global environment, which is a force multiplier.”