Learn about the skills necessary to recognize, prevent, and respond to cybersecurity threats, promoting a culture of cyber vigilance and safer online practices.

9 Ways To Make Cybersecurity Awareness Training More Engaging

Cybersecurity awareness training doesn’t have to be boring. Real Leaders explores 9 ways to make it more engaging with your employees. When humans are the number one reason for data breaches, it is imperative to create a security culture in every department.  

“Phishing was responsible for the highest number of cyber compromises in 2021. As a result, more and more businesses are investing in security training and awareness initiatives. 

New evidence proves that regular training exercises can positively influence security culture and enable employees to defend against ransomware-laced phishing attempts and related social engineering attacks. 

Having said that, nearly all (85%) of employees are disengaged at work. That’s why it is imperative for organizations to design programs that encourage training participation.” 

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What Is Cybersecurity Awareness?

What is cybersecurity awareness training, and what works best? Cybercriminals work hard to exploit careless employees’ mistakes- the adage is true that humans are the weakest link. We Live Security explores several trends highlighting the urgent need for you to implement a cybersecurity awareness training program.  

“Research reveals that 82% of data breaches analyzed in 2021 involved a “human element.” It’s an inescapable fact of modern cyberthreats that employees represent a top target for attack. But give them the knowledge needed to spot the warning signs of an attack, and to understand when they may be putting sensitive data at risk, and there’s a huge opportunity to advance risk mitigation efforts,” according to We Live Security.  

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The Importance of Proactive Security

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Defending your network against highly motivated and well-equipped threat actors requires a proactive approach. This may sound daunting, but modern tools let you automate many security tasks and support your human security experts with capable AI. This doesn’t just improve your security posture. It can also reduce insurance premiums, make compliance reporting easier, and help you make full use of network resources.

Highlights include:

  • Understand the difference between proactive and reactive security measures
  • Discover the business benefits of being proactive
  • Learn how to advance both your bottom line and your information security

Proactive Security Awareness Program

Adlumin’s Proactive Security Awareness Program empowers employees with the skills to identify and report suspicious activity, which is the best defense against cyber adversaries delivering attacks through convincing campaigns and phishing lures. Adlumin has the expertise to deliver real-world scenarios and context-rich security awareness programs effectively in line with their managed detection and response (MDR) services.

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  • Explore Adlumin’s fully managed security awareness testing and training service
  • Learn how to proactively defend your organizations against the risks posed by the human error
  • Integration Overview: KnowBe4 and Adlumin’s Platform
  • Data and reporting capabilities