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Adlumin Monopolizes Systems and Methods for Finding Anomalous Log Data




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The company receives a patent for its new model that attempts to determine the danger of incoming log data.

[WASHINGTON – Oct. 5, 2021] – Earlier this week, Adlumin announced that its platform was awarded a new patent #11080294 for systems and methods for data analytics. The patent covers a method to ascertain whether log data is anomalous and indicative of threats/malfunctions/IT operations failures.

Adlumin’s patent covers the exact method the platform uses and variations that apply similar principles to evaluating log data. The platform’s intellectual property covers all methods that assign measures of rarity to incoming log data based on that data’s similarity to log templates and checks the contents of the log data against sets of keywords. The method offers a solution to the critical market need for handling massive volumes of event log data at scale.

“Our method is cloud scalable and can be operated in parallel, which means that we can process any amount of data that a customer produces and there is no delay from when we receive the data and to when we alert the customer to pertinent data,” said Mahkah Wu, Senior Data Scientist at Adlumin.

Additionally, the patent includes more specific coverage of the infrastructure used to deploy this method in a parallelized cloud environment, the training process used to build log templates, and the computations used to determine rarity scores and score thresholds.

“With this patent, we can monopolize our platform’s capabilities and best of all, ensure that our customers and partners’ data remain secure, regardless of volume size,” said Robert Johnston, CEO of Adlumin. “We are actively making innovative additions to our solution.”

As Adlumin continues to dominate the cybersecurity industry, the company looks forward to continuously carving its path and creating new methods and techniques to prioritize cyber resilience and productivity for organizations seeking a preeminent security and compliance automation platform.


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