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Protect Credit Union Assets from Sophisticated Hackers Today’s criminals have moved beyond ransomware and malware. From left: Tim Evans, chief of strategy; Don McLamb, Director of Engineering; and Rob Johnston, CEO. Financial institutions are prime targets for cybercriminals looking to gain access to volumes of consumers’ personal data and money. In 2017, the U.S. experienced […]

Password Safety and Complexity to Protect Your Accounts By James Warnken “The most used password in the world is 123456” A simple password like this is cracked in a matter of just a few seconds. Whereas, if your password contains one capital letter, lower case letters, and numbers it may take a few hours to […]

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U.S. More Vulnerable To Weaponized Cyberattacks Than You Think Experts on a panel at SXSW warn major hacking onslaughts of our infrastructure, personal data, and businesses are coming—and we’re not ready. [Photos: Wokandapix/Pixabay; Flickr user Shinji Abe] BY DANIEL TERDIMAN3 MINUTE READ Until Americans get more serious about cybersecurity, the United States remains extraordinarily vulnerable to attacks from enemy […]

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Kelly Sheridan Fileless attacks, easier to conduct and more effective than traditional malware-based threats, pose a growing challenge to enterprise targets. Cybercriminals take the path of least resistance — which is why more of them are adopting fileless attacks to target their victims. The threat is poised to grow as attackers recognize the ease of […]

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FBI Software For Analyzing Fingerprints Contains Russian-Made Code, Whistleblowers Say In a secret deal, a French company purchased code from a Kremlin-connected firm, incorporated it into its own software, and hid its existence from the FBI, according to documents and two whistleblowers. The allegations raise concerns that Russian hackers could compromise law enforcement computer systems. […]

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Published New York Times By SCOTT SHANE, DAVID E. SANGER and NICOLE PERLROTHOCT. 5, 2017 WASHINGTON — In the latest case of an insider removing sensitive data from the nation’s largest intelligence agency, Russian hackers obtained classified documents that a National Security Agency employee had taken and stored on his home computer. Investigators believe the hackers may have penetrated […]

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BY Tishin Donkersley @TishinD According to a recent survey by Norton, 94 percent of users on the internet think they can spot phishing emails. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. The fact is that hackers are becoming savvier when it comes to finding personal information and tricking not only you, but your friends into providing more. Jere […]

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by Kim Zetter. Rob Joyce, NSA Hacker Chief said “In the world of advanced persistent threat actors (APT) like the National Security Agency (NSA), credentials are king for gaining access to systems. Not the login credentials of your organization’s VIPs, but the credentials of network administrators and others with high levels of network access and […]