Blog Post June 6, 2024

M365 Email Security: Dynamic Cloud Security with Adlumin MDR

Cloud email services like Microsoft 365 (M365) have become the linchpin of modern business operations, ensuring secure and seamless communication while forming the backbone of organizational workflows. As of 2023, M365 boasts over 345 million monthly users worldwide, making it a prime target for cybercriminals; one of the most alarming threats? Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams.

According to recent FBI warnings, BEC scams are rising for organizations in the United States, naming them the $43 billion scam in 2022. Cybercriminals ruthlessly target small to medium-sized businesses by researching and posing as vendors or employees attempting to siphon money. BEC scams do not require much sophistication, making them simple yet effective.

These cybercriminals aren’t just after data; they use compromised emails to launch ransomware, steal sensitive information, and wreak havoc on organizational networks. The surge in these threats underscores the urgent need for robust security measures to safeguard cloud email platforms like M365.

This blog details the latest feature Adlumin launched to help combat M365 events.

Comprehensive Security with Dynamic M365 Prevention

To address this growing challenge, we are excited to introduce our latest feature exclusive to Adlumin Managed Detection and Response (MDR) customers: Dynamic M365 Prevention. This cutting-edge capability implements dynamic compromise prevention across nearly every detectable M365 event. Dynamic M365 Prevention goes beyond traditional security measures by correlating account and location activities with sophisticated behavior analytics within the organization.

In addition, it integrates data from other security entities, including endpoint computers, identity products like Cisco DUO and Okta, Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies, and more. By analyzing these diverse data points, the feature can detect anomalies and potential threats with unparalleled precision.

The key to this feature is that it automates a response action depending on the severity of the detection. By leveraging Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities, Dynamic M365 Prevention ensures that the appropriate measures are quickly taken to mitigate threats, minimizing the risk of compromise and enhancing the organization’s overall security posture.

Key Highlights Dynamic M365 Prevention Offers:

Scalable Risk Responses: Tailored Actions for Threat Management

Dynamic M365 Prevention offers a scalable response mechanism tailored to the severity of the detected risk. Depending on the aggravating and mitigating risk factors, the system can enforce a range of actions, from a user-driven password reset to disabling the account and revoking its sessions. This adaptive response ensures that the security measures are proportionate to the threat level, providing a balanced approach to protecting your M365 environment. For instance, a minor anomaly might trigger a simple password reset, while multiple red flags could result in an immediate lockdown of the compromised account. This dynamic approach minimizes disruptions to legitimate users while maintaining a robust defense against potential compromises.

Enhanced Security Posture Against BEC and Cyber Threats

By integrating Dynamic M365 Prevention, organizations can significantly enhance their security against BEC and other sophisticated cyber threats targeting their Microsoft 365 environment. This feature empowers businesses to proactively manage risks, ensuring their critical communication and collaboration tools remain secure. With the ability to dynamically respond to threats based on comprehensive analytics and cross-entity data correlation, organizations can thwart potential attacks before they escalate. Adlumin’s commitment to innovation and security excellence ensures that our customers are always equipped with the most advanced tools to protect their digital assets and maintain operational resilience.

Harness Advanced Security Solutions

Embrace the future of cloud email security with Dynamic M365 Prevention and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your M365 environment is protected by the most advanced and responsive security solutions available.

Test Your Defenses – For Free

Adlumin has developed a complimentary tool that measures an organization’s security against today’s most popular cyberattack tactics targeting Microsoft. Adlumin’s M365 BEC Simulator tool allows organizations of all sizes to evaluate their defenses against a variety of threats, including brute force attacks on Microsoft 365 accounts, logins from foreign countries, and Tor usage to access the network from randomized locations. This quick but effective simulation provides a clear assessment of how well your systems are being monitored, ensuring you don’t overlook threats lurking in plain sight.

Test your defenses today and secure your organization with confidence.