Webinar November 17, 2022

Tackling the Patching Pandemic to Protect Your Business

Adlumin CVM Webinar

Industrialized cybercriminals routinely use vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure to infiltrate your business, steal assets or launch a massive ransomware attack. You can’t opt out of using email, file sharing, and networking infrastructure. SolarWinds, Kaseya, and the Microsoft Exchange HAFNIUM exploits are examples of a much more extensive and ever-growing problem. Yet, most IT organizations lack the resources to keep up with a constant flow of new vulnerabilities and patching requirements.

Join experts from Adlumin as they tackle the patching pandemic, demonstrate simplified management of core systems, and avoid crippling attacks that exploit your defenses.

Event Date: November 17, 2022
Event Time: 1:00 PM EST
In-Person or Virtual: Virtual

For further information or assistance, please contact kali.linette@adlumin.com