Adlumin for Darknet Exposure Monitoring

Nobody likes to be alone in the dark. Let us bring the light.

A security program that focuses only on internal environments is only seeing part of the picture. Adlumin’s platform includes darknet exposure monitoring, so you know what’s lurking in the darkness.


Don’t let your data get lost in the dark.

As more threats congregate in the dimmer parts of the Internet — collecting, planning, and exchanging data — your security team need to know if your credentials are up for sale or your brand is otherwise exposed. However, keeping track of the darknet can be both risky and resource-draining.

How does Adlumin enable darknet monitoring?

Adlumin believes that adding an external view to your security program should be within reach of any organization. That’s why darknet exposure monitoring is included as part of the Adlumin platform. We have automated the challenging and difficult task of accessing and scanning the darknet, so you don’t have to.

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Darknet Monitoring Benefits

Extend Your Defenses

Adlumin’s darknet monitoring gives you visibility beyond your boundaries, so you understand your exposures or what threats may be planning before an attack occurs.

Insulated Detection

Protect your security team from their own exposure. Adlumin takes the risk out of darknet monitoring by acting as your proxy. So your team can operate securely.

Automatic Alerting

Clean up exposed credentials quickly with automated notifications to affected users or those responsible.

Adlumin Darknet Exposure Monitoring Features

Deep & Dark Web Leaked Account Scanning
Protects All Domain Accounts
Account Security Insight
Automated Notification and Password Reset
Deep & Dark Web Leaked Account Scanning

Using data collected from both OEM partners and Adlumin, we can make effective quantification of risk associated with a specified data breach or credential leak, which helps prevent account takeovers and credential stuffing attacks.

Protects All Domain Accounts

For critical (Privileged Accounts) and high (Unprivileged Accounts) severity breaches, Adlumin determines when a leaked account is potentially usable on the protected network.

Account Security Insight
Darknet-Exposure-Monitoring-Account Security Insight

Our platform knows the exact date and time that every account was updated and security analytics enhance that data with information about account exposure exposed on the clear, deep or dark web.

Automated Notification and Password Reset
Darknet-Exposure-Monitoring-Automated Notification and Password Reset

Adlumin can initiate an automated victim notification (to include the user and your security team), and force a password reset of the business domain account that was leaked.

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— Anonymous, Senior Director of IT at Cybersecurity Incident-Response Firm

“With Adlumin, we can understand which users are leveraging certain devices, installed and shared applications, and gaining a holistic view of the global environment, which is a force multiplier.”


Key Features of Darknet Exposure Monitoring

Darknet exposure monitoring gives organizations visibility beyond their boundaries. Daily threats congregate in the darker parts of the internet planning, collecting, and exchanging data. Security teams need to know if data and employee credentials are up for sale leaving their brand exposed. Continuous scanning puts organizations ahead of cybercriminals by providing a deeper understanding of what threats are planning before an attack occurs.

Darknet Exposure Monitoring
Key Features of Compliance Automation


Key Features of Compliance Automation

To ensure credibility, trustworthiness, and protection of data, it is vital to stay up to date with the latest compliance industry regulations. Maintaining information privacy and security is a huge concern and task to uphold. Compliance Automation Tools uplift the burden by providing one-touch compliance reports based on live, accurate, and contextualized data.