Microsoft 365 Business Email
Compromise Simulation

Test Your Defenses

See if you’re protected from the top tactics used to compromise accounts.


Windows 10 or higher is required.

Will Your Defenses Pass the Test?

See how Adlumin’s Microsoft 365 Business Email Compromise Simulation allows you to test your defenses.

Are You a Target?

Defense Against Ransomware

Millions of organizations use Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). It’s a popular target for cybercriminals because of the amount of data and information they can access. Attackers use stolen credentials to access corporate systems and deploy ransomware. It’s often not until after the ransomware is active that security tools trigger an alert.

Security teams often lack the resources to test their security program and identify areas of risk. They need to trust the security tools will protect against widespread threats.

Free Defense Tool

Adlumin developed a way for you to test your organization’s level of protection for free. The Adlumin Microsoft 365 Business Email Compromise Simulator is a free tool that tests three popular tactics. The tactics include:

  • Logins from a foreign country
  • Logins using ToR to breach an account
  • Brute force attacktosuccess scenarios
Microsoft 365 Security Test

With this Free Tool You’ll Get:

  • A way to test your current security defense against topic tactics.
  • An understanding of your organization’s risk to these threats.
  • A chance to plan your defense and protect against an actual attack succeeding.