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Top One Percenter Show with Robert Johnston

In this podcast episode, Adlumin’s CEO, Robert Johnston, is featured on the Top One Percenter Show. Hosted by Paul Salamanca and Thomas Boccard, the interview dives into important topics such as raising capital, evolving professionalism, and navigating financial landscapes. Johnston shares his insights and expertise, discussing his journey to Adlumin. Listeners can gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from Johnston’s experiences and perspective.

Tune in to the episode to discover more about the mindset needed to excel in sales and entrepreneurship.

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The ABCs of Cyber: Assets, Budget, and Consolidation


The ABCs of Cyber: Assets, Budget, and Consolidation

Cyber experts Mark Sangster, VP at Adlumin, and Dave Grubber, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), outline a rapid roadmap to successful cybersecurity using consolidation to drive efficiency and manage cost.

Download to learn:

  • Network protection must-haves
  • How to navigate compliance
  • Best practices for streamlining your security operations using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • How to thoughtfully approach your cybersecurity budget and make the most of every dollar

Thought Leadership Webinar

Adlumin’s on-demand webinar, “The ABCs of Cyber: Assets, Budget, and Consolidation,” provides actionable advice on consolidating resources to improve efficiency and control expenses in response to ever-changing cyber threats.

FutureCon Boston

FutureCon Boston offers advanced security training, addressing cutting-edge security strategies and risk management in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem, and FutureCon Boston helps you gain the knowledge you need to secure computing environments from advanced cyber threats.

The event features:

  • Discussions with C-level executives who have successfully mitigated the risks of cyber attacks.
  • Educating C-suite executives and CISOs about the global cybercrime epidemic and building Cyber Resilient organizations.

Attendees can demo the newest technology, interact with security leaders, and stay informed about pressing topics in the information security community.

Date: November 30, 2023
Location: Boston, MA

Planet Cyber Sec CISO-CIO Forum

Planet Cyber Sec Conferences represent the culmination of more than a decade of successful planning and execution by a team of four dedicated individuals. These experts played crucial roles in organizing prominent events such as AppSec USA, AppSec California, the ISSA-LA Security Summit, the Women in Security Forum, and the CISO Forum.

Date: December 6, 2023
Location: San Diego, CA

Event Sponsor: Gold

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