Features of the Adlumin Partner Portal

Giving partners a digital experience to measure results is a must. A Partner Portal that can help them collaborate and communicate becomes a priority for every enterprise. Unfortunately, not many businesses know the challenges it can throw managing so many views at once.

Fortunately, Adlumin is pleased to announce our Partner Portal, launching in September 2022. A native dashboard and reporting capabilities will help multi-tenant businesses manage their suite of customers underneath them while getting summary data at their fingertips.

Some of the key features that will be present are views of the following:

  • At risk groups, systems, and shares across all tenants
  • Network health, score breakdown across all tenants
  • Compliance insights across all tenants
  • Service enablement across all tenants
  • Snapshot365, Continuous Vulnerability Management, Proactive Defense, Adlumin SOC

This will allow administrators to manage their clients from a single dashboard and receive summary data of all their tenants with a few simple clicks.

The Partner Portal is also adding new ways to dig into different detections and reporting, such as:

  • Detection Rollup by tenant
  • Detections across all tenants where an incident has been declared, or customer review has been requested
  • High Level report encompassing all the above, across all tenants
  • Ability to select all or specific tenants for each report

As your business needs grow, Adlumin is prepared to help. The Partner Portal will allow for global accessibility features and a new tenant request capability. This form will automate for the end user the tenant creation process, allowing you to add new tenants as your client base grows seamlessly. With the growing needs of the cybersecurity industry, the Partner Portal is one step to bringing you an easy-to-use interface with many growing features moving forward. .