Illuminate Your Security Operations

All-in-One Solution for End-to-End Security

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Learn how to use speed, visibility, and contextual insights to illuminate your security operations.

The demo highlights:

  • Boosting Threat Visibility: Gain insights into your cybersecurity posture and stay ahead of potential threats.
  • Simplifying Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: View the state of compliance with just a click, ensuring you’re always on top of risk management.
  • UEBA Capabilities: Automatically detect and halt unusual user behavior, safeguarding your systems from internal vulnerabilities.
  • CSO & C-suite Reporting: Access both executive and administrative reports tailored to the needs of top decision-makers.
  • Syncing with our Threat Visibility Team: See the same critical data as our MDR team, ensuring consistent and comprehensive threat monitoring.

“An extra pair of EYES to help you sleep better at night”

Adlumin Five Stars

They have already caught things on our network and just knowing they are monitoring and ready to assist is very helpful. Their software is powerful and successfully integrated with everything on our network.

Cort J.Mid-Market CustomerG2 Review

“The SIEM You Need”

Adlumin Five Stars

Their innovative solutions have helped us enhance our security posture and mitigate potential risks. Their platform’s advanced features and intuitive interface have made it easy for our team to manage and monitor our security operations seamlessly.

Edgar S.Mid-Market CustomerG2 Review

“Quick and easy deployment with powerful results”

Adlumin Five Stars

I sleep better knowing Adlumin is watching for security events 24/7. Easy deployment and instant visibility across my enterprise.

Ross F.Associate IT Director, EnterpriseG2 Review

Built to Integrate

Built to Integrate

Adlumin collects and indexes data from any source imaginable – network traffic, web servers, VPNs, firewalls, custom applications, application servers, hypervisors, GPS systems, and pre-existing structured databases. Then our platform compares it all to command authority and tells you if anything is abnormal.