Threat Insights 2024 Volume II

Emerging Cybersecurity Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Mitigation Strategies

Threat Report June 2024

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Emerging Threats and Defense Strategies

Adlumin’s Threat Insights 2024 Volume II highlights significant trends, cyberattacks, and vulnerabilities faced by U.S. and global sectors, as observed by Adlumin’s Threat Research Team for March, April and May 2024. Discover three emerging threats, each presenting unique challenges to cybersecurity professionals. 

Stay informed and proactive to defend your organization’s assets against evolving cyber threats in a dynamic landscape. 

Threat Insights

In this report, you will discover:

Detailed profiles of three major emerging cyber threats – Mustang Panda, TA542, and Scattered Spider – along with their attack methods, technical analysis, and impact assessments.

An analysis of three critical vulnerabilities from Q2 2024 – CVE-2024-20353 (Cisco), CVE-2021-44529 (Ivanti), and CVE-2024-26248 (Microsoft) – including their potential impacts.

Threat Report Recommendations

Mitigation strategies for each cyber threat and vulnerability, empowering your organization to protect its assets with actions on how to counteract these sophisticated cyber adversaries.

Adlumin’s Threat Insights Report