Podcasts September 19, 2023

The LifeLong Customer: Navigating Cybersecurity's Seas of Trust and Growth with Robert Johnston, CEO at Adlumin

Join host Brad Hammond in this episode of the Lifelong Customer podcast, as he dives into a conversation with Robert Johnston, CEO of Adlumin. A former Marine with a strong cybersecurity background, Robert shares the genesis of Adlumin and its transition from military operations to private sector entrepreneurship.

Explore the vital role of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape and how Adlumin revolutionizes security operations with its unique command center approach. Robert discusses the company’s market niche and the effectiveness of a channel-based go-to-market strategy. Gain insights into Adlumin’s growth journey from humble beginnings to a significant industry player, all while prioritizing customer value.

This episode offers a wealth of advice, from navigating product-market fit challenges to transitioning from founder-led efforts to professional management—a must-listen for those navigating the complex waters of cybersecurity entrepreneurship.

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