Podcasts May 22, 2024

Cyber Tide, Season 2, Episode 7: Cyberattacks and Supply Chain Management

Cyber Tide Podcast S2 Ep 7podcast

In this episode of Cyber Tide, Mark Sangster, Adlumin’s VP Chief of Strategy, sits down with host Heather Engle from Cybercrime Magazine. They explore the critical topic of managing supply chains, focusing on the intricacies and challenges of associated cyber attacks. This discussion highlights the evolving nature of cyber threats targeting supply chains and offers insights into effective strategies for mitigating these risks. 

About Cyber Tide

Cyber Tide is a Cybercrime Magazine podcast series brought to you by Adlumin. Working to revolutionize the way organizations secure sensitive data, Adlumin finds the newest cracks being exploited and shines a light on correcting the issue in real-time, with expert guidance.