Podcasts April 24, 2024

Cyber Tide, Season 2, Episode 6: Mitigating Damage from Ransomware Attacks

In the latest episode of Cyber Tide, Mark Sangster, VP, Chief of Strategy at Adlumin, sits down with host Heather Engel to explore the world of ransomware attacks. Mark shares invaluable insights on how to recognize the signs of a ransomware attack and offers practical advice on minimizing damage in the event of falling victim. Don’t miss this informative conversation on cybersecurity and the latest on the threat landscape.

About Cyber Tide

Cyber Tide is a Cybercrime Magazine podcast series brought to you by Adlumin. Working to revolutionize the way organizations secure sensitive data, Adlumin finds the newest cracks being exploited and shines a light on correcting the issue in real-time, with expert guidance.