Podcasts February 23, 2023

Cyber Tide Season 1, Episode 3: Three Lessons from Law Enforcement for Small to Medium-Sized Organizations

Adlumin co-hosts Mark Sangster, VP of Strategy, and Tim Evans, Co-founder and EVP, go below the headlines to learn from FBI veteran and EVP – CISO, John Caruthers at Triden Group.

John shares his experiences as a supervisory special agent focused on national cybersecurity, legal attaché to European police liaison, and his work supporting various businesses through cyberattacks. Sangster and Evans discuss his work in manufacturing, executive awareness training, and the lessons learned fighting state-sponsored actors.

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About the Cyber Tide Series

Dive beneath the surface of infamous cybersecurity attacks to learn the means and motives of cyber adversaries. In each episode, we invite an expert to reveal the contributing factors and costs of cyber incidents and how your firm can protect itself from business-disrupting cyberattacks.

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