Podcasts April 26, 2023

Cyber Tide Season 1, Episode 4: Mark Sangster & Robert Darling Recap How Their Field Experience Shaped Their Ability to Deal with Cyber Crises, Cyber Crime, & More

In episode four of Cyber Tide, Mark Sangster, Chief of Strategy at Adlumin, and Robert Darling, Founder at Flash-EM recap their experiences from RSAC 2023, how their experiences in the field have help shaped their abilities to deal with cyber crises, the scope of the problem of cybercrime, and more.

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About the Cyber Tide Series

Dive beneath the surface of infamous cybersecurity attacks to learn the means and motives of cyber adversaries. In each episode, we invite an expert to reveal the contributing factors and costs of cyber incidents and how your firm can protect itself from business-disrupting cyberattacks.