Podcasts December 18, 2023

CUInsight: 3 Questions with Adlumin's Jessvin Thomas

In this podcast interview, CUInsight Publisher & CEO Lauren Culp engages in a discussion with Jessvin Thomas, Chief Product Officer at Adlumin, specifically focusing on crucial aspects of technology and cybersecurity. The conversation unfolds through three key questions:

  1. Exploring the recent buzz surrounding Generative AI and ChatGPT, Thomas shares insights on its relevance. He discusses the potential benefits credit unions can derive from these technologies and highlights crucial risks that should be on their radar.
  2. Addressing the impact of Citrix Bleed and third-party outages on credit unions, Thomas draws lessons from these experiences. The interview aims to provide valuable insights for credit union professionals navigating challenges related to cybersecurity and operational disruptions.
  3. Adding a personal touch to the interview, Culp asks Thomas for a book recommendation that might interest listeners. This segment offers a glimpse into Thomas’s literary preferences and provides the audience with a non-technical perspective.

Listen now to explore further into the discussed topics and learn more about Adlumin.