Threat Insights 2024 Volume I analyzes new and emerging cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies

Adlumin Threat Report

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Adversary Trends and Recent Vulnerabilities

Adlumin’s Threat Insights 2024 Volume I reveals significant trends and developments in threats, vulnerabilities, and cyberattacks faced by U.S. industries from December to February 2024. Discover three key threats, each presenting unique challenges to cybersecurity professionals.  

Stay informed and proactive to defend your organization’s assets against evolving cyber threats in a dynamic landscape. 

Adlumin Threat Report

In this report, you will discover:

An analysis of heightened risks from three notable threat actors—Volt Typhoon, Ransomed VC, and UNC3944—underscoring the importance of equipping organizations with the knowledge to anticipate and mitigate potential attacks, safeguarding against their impact on businesses and critical infrastructure.

An overview of significant vulnerabilities including those impacting Ivanti Connect Secure and Pulse Secure VPN appliances, and more.

Threat Report Recommendations

Robust mitigation strategies which emphasize proactive measures to protect against potential threats and minimize their impact on organizational operations.

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