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No matter how you manage the platform, Adlumin is your command center for all security IT operations. Get end-to-end security in one location.

Our Customers Say it Best

Adlumin Rated 4.8/5

“An extra pair of EYES to help you sleep better at night”

They have already caught things on our network and just knowing they are monitoring and ready to assist is very helpful. Their software is powerful and successfully integrated with everything on our network.

Cort J.Mid-Market CustomerG2 Review

“The SIEM You Need”

Their innovative solutions have helped us enhance our security posture and mitigate potential risks. Their platform’s advanced features and intuitive interface have made it easy for our team to manage and monitor our security operations seamlessly.

Edgar S.Mid-Market CustomerG2 Review

“Quick and easy deployment with powerful results”

I sleep better knowing Adlumin is watching for security events 24/7. Easy deployment and instant visibility across my enterprise.

Ross F.Associate IT Director, EnterpriseG2 Review

Our Customers Say it Best

In this report, you will discover:

Why implementing proactive security measures is important

Three critical elements to incorporate into your cybersecurity strategy

The evolution of the threat landscape and the model by which you can protect your business

Additional Strategy-Building Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Using Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly altered the way IT security experts approach cybersecurity. Adlumin’s guide outlines the benefits of integrating AI into your security plan and showcases four stages of AI advancements in cybersecurity.

8 Essential Questions to Ask: Choosing the Right MDR Provider

Adlumin’s industry expert and Senior Director of Product Marketing, Jen Thompson, discusses essential questions you need to ask when considering an MDR provider and provides answers that will help you make informed decisions when protecting your organization.

EDR vs. XDR vs. MDR: The Cybersecurity ABCs Explained

Deciding between EDR vs. XDR. vs. MDR can significantly impact your efforts to optimize your resources and your organization’s exposure to threats. Adlumin’s eBook provides an overview and comparison of all three solutions and additional considerations and services.

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Adlumin XDR ensures swift setup, unrivaled visibility spanning endpoints, users, and the perimeter, and provides contextual insights for rapid, informed decision-making.