Blog Post August 3, 2023

Securing Your Digital Footprint: Google Workspace

By: Massie Hussaini, Director of Application Engineering

As technology advances and cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, businesses need powerful tools to safeguard their sensitive data and streamline their operations. In this era of remote work and digital connectivity, organizations in various industries like education rely heavily on Google Workspace to enhance productivity, foster effective communication, and streamline workflows.

The rapid adoption of cloud services has expedited digital transformation in organizations. With more data stored in the cloud, cybercriminals have shifted their focus to target cloud-based environments, and Google Workspace has become a prime target. Google Workspace serves as a centralized repository for a vast array of data, including emails, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files.

A breach or unauthorized access to this repository can result in severe consequences for your organization, such as data theft, loss of intellectual property, and reputational damage. Regularly analyzing this data can help you detect any unusual activities or potential breaches in a timely manner.

In this blog, we will explore the 5 ways your organization can secure its digital footprint with Google Workspace while enhancing its security posture.

5 Ways to Secure Your Organization with Google Workspace

  1. Identify Unusual User Patterns: Credential threat is a popular attack among cybercriminals and once a cybercriminal gains access to your credentials, it becomes increasingly harder to identify. It is important to monitor and track user activities in real-time with User Entity & Behavior Analytics allowing you to detect and respond to anomalies and potential security threats as they happen.
  2. Reduce Risk Through Correlation: Integrating Google Workspace through their API enables organizations to correlate user activity data with threat intelligence and other security signals, providing early warning signs and actionable insights to help prevent and mitigate security incidents, which gives your organization full visibility into your network.
  3. Enable Access to Users: Take control of your organization’s security by defining and enforcing access policies within Google Workspace based on user roles, departments, or specific data types. This ensures that your organization’s sensitive information remains secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.
  4. Quickly Halt Attacker Activity: Enhance operational efficiency with automated security workflows that disable user accounts when a user is taking actions that appear suspicious. Integrating Google Workspace with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) enables organizations to automate routine security tasks and responses, reducing manual efforts and accelerating incident response times.
  5. Improve Security Posture: Understand the state of your cloud security by pulling data from Google Workspace. Gain insights into things like when an admin adds or removes a user or when changes are made at the group level. These insights can provide details into policy violations and suspicious behaviors.

Consolidate your Security with One Platform, One License  

Taking a proactive approach to examine your Google Workspace data from a cybersecurity standpoint is not merely an option but a necessity in today’s digital world. By doing so, you can strengthen your organization’s security posture, protect valuable data, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Regular analysis empowers your IT team to respond swiftly to potential threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and the associated repercussions on your organization’s reputation and bottom line.

Adlumin empowers organizations with advanced threat detection, comprehensive security monitoring, streamlined incident response, and collaborative workflows both in the cloud and with legacy technology. Adlumin continues its mission to make security accessible to markets with few resources and limited budgets.

By enhancing our Google Workspace integration industries like, education can gain more visibility into their security posture. This integration not only fortifies cybersecurity defenses but also optimizes productivity and enhances collaboration, making it an indispensable solution for organizations aiming to safeguard their data and drive success in the digital era.

For more information on how Adlumin can integrate Google Workspace and other applications to illuminate into your cloud environment, contact one of our security experts.